Matchcast = match points?

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For what it is worth, Yahoo! has the Brm/Bol match listed in their Matchcasts for the week so they are aware of it. Does that mean we'll get the points? Well, that's not as clear, but I expect that we will.


  1. this is my first year playing yahoo fantasy football, so i'll trust the experts.

    Kevin Nolan!! come on down! you are the next contestant on "Your Price is Right"

  2. trust the experts, but make sure to read the blog too! ;-)

    good luck with nolan. I'm going with davies, okocha and jussi.


  3. Nikos5:30 AM

    Despite three years playing the game and knowing that in the past yahoo have always awarded points for postponed games in the week they are actually played, i still have that horrible feeling picking players specifically for two gamers when the 2nd game isnt listed. Despite this, i've taken out Richard Wright, Robben, Fabregas for Jussi, Stelio & Nolan...fingers crossed :)

  4. Donno bout you guys but I picked Davies hoping he'd score points against Birmingham but the boy scored against Manure! What a bonus ay? ;)

  5. Anonymous7:59 PM

    if arsenal will go thru to the semis beating Juve we'll b havin double fixtures for arsenal facin man utd and portsmouth. So i guess it would be worth looking into that also for the comin week

  6. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Arsenal win win.....