Small victories

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90:00 (2:37)
West Ham substitution: Yossi Benayoun replaced by Shaun Newton (tactical).
Woo hoo!

Just kidding. Put Newton in the team as he was cheap and allowed me to buy "the premium choice" ManU players, as Neal called them. Could have stayed with Dailly, but figured maybe, just maybe Newton would get in the game. And sure enough. ;-)

Glad that Wigan was able to score and that Collins had a quiet day (though he should do alright even without a clean sheet). Congrats to all of you (Mike) with NR-C in the team. That game winning goal will be big in an otherwise quiet week (okay, only 1/2 the games have been played so far).

As for those of you with D'Alessandro and/or Eboue (Neal, again) all I can say is I'm sorry, and maybe they'll be 2-gamers soon. Oh, and in the immortal words of Nelson Muntz, "ha HA!"

Now let's hope that Birmingham don't attack or defend any better than they did on Wednesday.


  1. Anonymous9:05 AM


    Soccernet says that there are 2 games next week for Bolton and Birmingham...however when i asked some people on Yahoo (players), they said that the points will only be given to the people who had those players during the week in which it was cancelled. Should I go ahead and buy a few bolton players and Pennant (since he is the only ony I am considering from birmingham)?

  2. Anonymous9:54 AM


    Do Birmingham and Bolton have 2 gamers next week? They play 2 games but a Yahoo player said that you only get points for the second game if you had the bolton or Birmingham players during the week that the game was cancelled?

  3. If a player appears in more than one game during any given week, his total fantasy points for the week will be based on the sum of his real-life stats for the week.

    This has always meant that you get pts when the games are played, not originally scheduled.