Biggest Week Ever

Not sure what we've learned here but I haven't written one of these things in a while and I've been gaining ground on the leaders while I've been away. Anyway, suffice it to say that this is a pretty big sports week in my little world. The appetizer comes tomorrow when ManYoo and Arsenal square off in the re-match of the Rooney "dive" match. After that we're on to the really big one - Eagles/Patriots. I apologize for giving the EPL short shrift this week but being from Philadelphia, I've been waiting a long time for this one. Additionally, Arsenal and ManYoo seem destined to be fighting for 2nd place which is hard to get excited about. Anyway, here's some thoughts to get you through the week and maybe help your fantasy team:

1) Might be a good week to "rest" Henry - the Highbury extravaganza will likely be high on media hyperbole and low on goals;

2) This goes for Pires as well but if you've had him in your line-up recently, shame on you, that's why I'm catching up to you in the standings;

3) @Blackburn doesn't seem like a good reason to go away from Chelsea backline guys;

4) (random NFL note) TO and his ankle will catch multiple passes this coming Sunday and be a factor, if you can find someone to take the bet, 4 catches 60+ yards 1 TD (you heard it here first). Despite that, Greg Lewis will make the most important catch of the game (a long TD that seemingly comes from nowhere). For Fantasy NFL types, take a flier on him in the late rounds next year.

5) Jeremy and I have been discussing our "evergreen" guys (those who we really don't consider changing from week-to-week unless they're hurt). Mine are currently Cech, Gallas, Terry, Heinze, Robben, Lampard, Downing, and Henry with SWP making a strong case. Amazing what Roman's billions have done. Last year it looked more like Howard, Tarnat, Pires, Gerrard, & Henry. More so than the new system, Chelsea's relatively stable and incredibly productive line-up has taken a little fun out of the proceedings.

6) OK, I know they've had lots of injuries but is there any excuse for Liverpool being as bad as they are? How many teams have a central midfielder as good as Gerrard? (answer is 1.5 now that Gravesson is in Spain - Lampard is playing better and Vieira is probably better but isn't currently playing better).

7) (Liverpool continued) Likewise, how many teams in the Prem wouldn't trade their best striker straight up for Morientes? (Arsenal, ManYoo, & Chelsea but that's probably about it). The amazing thing isn't that Liverpool isn't that good, its that they can't seem to score even when they're playing mediocre teams.

8) The big question of the weekend has to focus on Rooney - will he actually put two good games in a row together? or will he again go from sterling goals one day to nothing worth mentioning the next (see, ManYoo debut in Champions League qualifying followed up by squat in the Prem for all those fantasy owners who flocked to him).

9) I keep talking myself out of it but if you hear me doubting myself for the rest of the season, please remind me - put Andrew Johnson in your freakin' line-up and leave him there. He plays on a crappy team but he's a fantasy stud and should probably be on the above "evergreen" list.

10) Let's give a mid-season nod to our fantasy MVP - Frank Lampard. Just an amazing season. Maybe its because there's a crazy amount of talent on the squad, there probably isn't one other guy in the EPL who has been in every starting line-up, every week for all of the top teams in our division. Even Henry has been left out.

Enjoy the big week.

Go Gunners...and more importantly Fly Eagles Fly

Striker Roulette

Eany, meany, miney, moe . . . i smell the blood of an english premier league striker.

Who to start this weekend (in addition to Henry that is):

Baros (bad hair but good match-up)
Johnson (no hair and a so so match-up)
Defoe (good match-up and I have nothing else to say about him 'cause I don't know nothing else about him)
Ronaldo (scored versus Exeter (does that even count?) and scores more like a middie so more consistent)

Of these 4 I will be chosing 2 - hopefully ones that don't mysteriously develop an injury keeping them out of the squad or on the bench. All seem like good choices for various reasons, but which ones?

choose wisely . . .

Fantasy EPL: All about the Benjamin