Not Rooney too?!?!?!

Ferguson may give Rooney a rest
Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson may give Wayne Rooney a rest from first-team action.

The 20-year-old striker has missed only two out of the last 31 matches for United - and now Ferguson believes the England star deserves a break.

Now their just fucking with me... right?


  1. At +4.48 I'd still keep him even if he's not playing. But then again, that's extremely risky, as it seems certain he'd be rested at least once during Man U's 2-game-week.


  2. bodes well for Saha and Ronaldo to get more shots on goal. Saha is starting to look like a must start at a price of 8.43

  3. Anonymous12:43 PM

    i hope rooney doesn't start and his price drops 2 units or more. i went for henry this week, which could screw me. if saha's guaranteed a start then he'll be well worth his money. and ronaldo is a legend! he's doing so well!

    van persie is back this week. do you think he'll replace adebayor? if not then he looks a nice pick too. is ashton not worth taking this week since he won't start.

  4. Van Persie and Campbell both came through a behind-closed-doors friendly in midweek while Cygan's hamstring has improved during the week.

    However, it is yet unknown whether any of the trio will be ready for action when Arsenal welcome Charlton to Highbury.

    "I do not know if they are going to be in the squad yet," added Wenger. "They are still a bit short."

  5. i think if rvp is ready to go then he for sure replaces adebayor but more likely is he'll come off the bench to replace him.

    After that horrible touch adebayor had 5 ft from goal on henry's cutback vs liverpool, (it almost hit the clock) i can't see him staying in the starting lineup.

  6. Anonymous10:49 AM

    ....although talk of resting Wayne Rooney has been dispelled by United assistant boss Carlos Queiroz.
    “I understand the concerns about Wayne from the perspective of the England team but as a Manchester United coach, I am just concerned about his performance for us," Queiroz said.

    “We have 30 points to play for, over an average of one game a week and I don’t think there are any problems with him.

    “He is flying at the moment and doesn’t need a break. He has time to rest once the World Cup is over.” -

  7. Anonymous11:24 AM

    i've gone crazy! i got rid of stellios! and i don't have nolan either!

    i wish i would have kept beattie at 9.xx now! i had to restructure my whole team because of taking out ashton and samaras.

    i ended up with pires, osman, adebayor and zamora in my team! i don't know why the hell i have osman! someone told me to put him in and if he performs, i'll be laughing