A Quickie...

Sorry kids but this is going to be a quick one because I'm headed out of town. Fortunately, it's a pretty easy week to discuss. Before we get to that, I'm going to tempt fate and brag on myself a little bit after a pretty good weekend last weekend.

Let's recap - Chelsea terrible, Adebayor - goal; Saha - brace; Nolan - goal; Sheringham - goal; McFadden - goal and two; MGP - Goal; Bellamy - brace; Apparently, Collins John was too much of a stretch but at least you didn't waste much money if you chose him.

OK, on to the two-gamers you need to have. At striker, there are a bunch of options between Rooney, Saha, Ashton, and Harewood. My preference is for the first three. In midfield Etherington, Ronaldo, Giggs and Park are all likely to get two matches. In defense, James Collins is cheap and likely to get two games given the injury situation in the West Ham defense. Wes Brown is also out so Vidic is another good cheap option (although his quality - or lack thereof - makes it less likely that ManYoo will get two clean sheets this week). O'Shea and Gary Neville - in that order - are the premium choices. Hayden Mullins is also an interesting choice in defense as he isn't too expensive and generally plays in midfield despite being listed as a defender. In net, if you're switching to a two-gamer, van der Saar is really the only choice. Hislop will get two matches but he has two tough away matches - a good one-gamer would probably make more sense.

If you're looking for a few cheap one-gamers to supplement the two-gamers D'Allesandro in the Pompey midfield is still cheap as is Adebayor from Arsenal is still inexpensive as well. Huth is still cheap and despite his less-than-stellar performance last week, he's likely to play again in the absence of William Gallas.


  1. Anonymous12:32 PM

    2 gamers I've gone for are: Van Der Sar, Collins, Neville, Vidic, Richardson, Ronaldo, Etherington, Rooney & Saha...that takes up thr majority of my points, so with whats left i've got Pongolle in (Under 4 points, been starting for Blackburn & they're playing Sunderland) and Lee Hendrie (came on and was excellent against Everton, should start at home to a Fulham side who havent won away all season, and only 4.5 points)

  2. Chris O.7:57 PM

    Rooney, Saha, Ashton, Etherington, Ronaldo, Giggs, Konchesky, Vidic, Silvestre, and Collins for me. Only one gamer is Reina.

  3. It seems like everyone has the same players!

    The 2-gamers I have..

    Rooney, Saha, Ashton;
    Giggs, Ronaldo, Etherington;
    Vidic, Silvestre, VDS.

    Eurgh we're gonna end up having the same scores, pretty much. ;)


  4. Anonymous10:49 PM

    the 2 gamer player i have are :
    striker - saha, rooney, ashton
    midfield - park, ronaldo, gigs
    defence - evra, vidic, collins
    goal keeper - vds

    will vidic, evra and park play? tell me

  5. Vidic, I think so.
    Evra, dont think so.. since the backline would most likely be made up of Nev, Rio, Vid and Silvest.

    Park, I'd say its nearly impossible for him to get 2 starts, though he might start one. Fergie seems to be rotating Park, Fletch and Kieran, and the 3 sure-starters (i hope!) in midfield are ronaldo, giggsy and oshea.

    I somehow think Ruud would get at least one start! Hmmm. But im sticking with my RooHa combo.