Two Game Confusion

FA Premiership Fixtures | 2006 April
Manchester United - Sunderland 14 April 2006
That's a Friday. Does that mean that ManU are 2-gamers next week (Ars, Sun) after playing @Bolton this week, and then 1 gamers over Easter weekend (@Tot) when everyone else will have 2 games (save Sunderland... please!)?

I may have rushed to sell Giggs & Van der Sar, etc too quickly.


  1. Anonymous4:16 AM

    we'll have to wait and see when next week's deadline falls, if its friday evening, then no, but as its usually saturday @ 12, then probably yes.

    I got rid of my manure players also this week, cost we're on the home straight an i cant afford to have any away @ bolton players in my squad this weekend!

    Also, its a tough 1 having bolton double this wk, when the first game is home to manure!

  2. redmachina5:54 AM

    Picking Utd players based on the fact that week 35 will be a double week for them will be a complete leap of faith I'm afraid.

    The fact that Yahoo have f*** all this year to keep the league going suggests they won't intervene and start week 36 a day earlier.

    We'll see......

  3. How about next week?I looked in Premier League official website and it stated that Bolton has a game this Saturday with Man U and following Tuesday with Birm but in the transfer list it listed as Bolton only playing against Man U.


  4. Anonymous7:14 AM

    not only united playin 1 game next week bt also liverpool fulham and ofcourse sunderland.

    ...and is bolton playin 2 games this week and if they are is it advisable to get bolton players??

  5. redmachina9:58 AM

    sri....a while back Arsenal and West Ham were listed as having no game. They played on a Tuesday night (if I remember correctly) and they were awarded points.

    Yahoo will award the points for both games, I think. Nothing is certain with these guys this year.