And with Liverpool having 2 games this week!

Riise out for three weeks
Liverpool star John Arne Riise faces three weeks out through injury.

The Norwegian international missed Wednesday's UEFA Champions League defeat to Benfica with a hip problem.

Riise sustained the injury in last weekend's draw with Charlton and he has been advised to rest the problem for three weeks.
Warnock? Traore? Will Hyypia be ready for these games?

UPDATE: Warnock is listed as a middie, albeit at $4.56. Traore is a $7 defender. Happy shopping!


  1. Anonymous4:49 PM

    bridge will be back for the weekend though. i'm sure he'll be in everyones teams this week.

    source: sky football

  2. Anonymous5:12 PM

    which midfielder should i take cheaper than 6.5?

    riera (got him 1 unit cheap)

    some options

  3. Charles8:15 PM

    Are you guys packing your teams with 2-gamers?

  4. I'm going for as many 2-gamers as possible...but more on that tomorrow. I can't ruin the surprise...


  5. Anonymous6:13 AM

    i want elliot on my team so much but damn yahoo dun have him!

  6. Anonymous10:58 AM

    i dont know if i should take ronaldo or malbranque this week.

    i have ronaldo for cheap, but i think that this week, malbranque will score higher than ronaldo.

    ronaldo has a good week in 2 weeks tym and u guys will tell me to take ronaldo. im not sure what to do.

  7. Anonymous11:38 AM

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