Mid-week Pick 'em

Who starts for Liverpool on the right side of midfield? Kromkamp? Cisse? Garcia? I would guess it is from the latter two as Rafa will want the win at home to poor-traveling Fulham. Maybe Garcia on the back of his goal at the weekend?

Or even better, maybe Gerrard moves to the right of a midfield diamond with Didi at the base, Kewell on the left, and Garcia at the point. That would give Warnock (shame it wouldn't be Riise) and Finnan license to get forward and put crosses in towards Crouch.

Now that would be an EXCITING lineup for Liverpool. Which pretty much rules it out of contention. :-(

Otherwise, how do you think the game will turn out? I'm thinking 1 or 2 - nil for 'Pool is likely. But for fantasy reasons I'm rooting for Fulham. C'mon Steed! Show everyone why you were a Liverpool target when you first broke into the EPL!


  1. child of the rafalution4:09 PM

    GOD is back!!!!!

    Get in there Robbie.

  2. Badgers badgers badgers6:40 PM

    Robbie, Crouch, Stevie, Kewell, Carra and Reina tonight. Should be a nice mid-week points haul...

    Shame Stevie seemed a little out of it, I can't see him playing 90 against Newcastle.

  3. I have Rob, Kewl, Carra, Rei, Bridge, Boa and Steedy.


  4. I lost 15 pts to Neal in the last 2 minutes of the game (Crouch & Finnan).

    This game is BRUTAL!

  5. dont think ashton wud be starting at the weekend now since he played 105 mins against Bolton! Alright thats it im swapping him for Davies.

    Oh wait, Vaz Te anyone?!