You can't go home again

ESPNsoccernet - England - Vote David O'Leary?
The sight of Thierry Henry being hauled off by Wenger with a full 25 minutes still to run could have been construed as a insult to Villa, but why bother humouring an opponent that isn't worthy of gracing your beautifully manicured pitch? Arsenal have much bigger fish to fry than O'Leary.
As a fully-fledged fake (fantasy) member of the Football Managers Association, all I can say is, "Ouch, baby. Very ouch."

By the way, Emmanuel "Kanu Too" Adebayor is my new favorite player.

-The "Sunday Morning" Manager


  1. Chris O.4:34 PM

    Adebayor gets 35 points while Ashton manages a goose egg. The battle of the cheapo strikers has been settled. Though I still don't know about picking Adebayor for the rest of the season now that Van Persie is making a comeback.

  2. I'm guessing that K2 gets the start when eligble (ie, in the league).