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Fergie Delighted With Dilemma
"When we were at our very best, we had four great strikers," said Ferguson.

"It was one of the factors in us winning the Treble. We had great players at the time and everyone did their job.

"If we can do that again and get four strikers competing for the position, and we can rotate them at the right moments, that has to be good for the club.
But in '99 you had a first-choice pairing, and two players who knew their role was to come off the bench and win games when needed.

Now you have three players who expect to start and one who is probably not ready for prime time.

And no amount of "glory days" talk is going to change the fact that this is a different situation and will kill fantasy managers over the remaining months of the season.

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  1. Posthumous1:23 PM

    Yep. Its already killed me.