Assisted Living on Merseyside

We got our points... I guess. McFadden only credited with one assist. Maybe his "shot" off the post went off a defender before Cahill crashed it home. Regardless, I guess I'll be happy with it.

Now, do I keep him through this week? At Liv in the Merseyside derby. Bad news. But he's a striker listed as a middie, and next week he'll be playing Sunderland. Or do I gut him for a 2 gamers and hope to be able to buy him back next week? Somthing tells me that our readers will recommend the latter course. But I'm already sitting on Dailly on the D... that's how tight the money is. And I may want the cash to move from Adebayor to Ashton. Guess we have all week to figure it out.


  1. Pretty sure Rooney wud be rested in one of the 2 games, but then with Man Utd facing West Ham and Birmingham, i'll keep him in.

    Don't think I'd be able to squeeze Ashton in, unless I give up Pires. Looking to give up Allesandro, but his original value is worth so little I cant get any 2-gamer in!


  2. Anonymous2:32 PM

    why are you considering keeping all these awful players?

    mcfadden and pires! adebayor! are you joking?!?

    mcfadden has not scored many points all season and suddenly you have him in your team one week and he scores well, and you think he's a star player? that's crazy!

    also, pires? 1 good week out of 30! what are you thinking! any united player is a 100 times better pick this week.

    i had pires, hleb, adebayor, eboue all in team my team this week for really cheap - but i've chucked them all out for ManU players. i also had a few other cheap players that performed (eg osman) and they're all gone too. there's no point in keeping them this week.

  3. Anonymous4:20 PM

    ashton scored tonight! and it was a great, great goal. not only the goal, but the set up to the goal and the effort put in by ashton. brilliant

    definitely looks like he should be in my team this week, but i just don't have the money. i have rooney, saha, ronaldo, giggs, gary neville, silvestre and VDS in my team so far.

    but i also want to fit in ashton in. i'm not sure how i'm going to do it though and i really regret not taking dailly preupdate. i took sean davis at 2.xx but thought dailly had more chance of loosing points than gaining points. but i was wrong and he scored 8 pts last game. i still might take him at 4.xx since anton ferdinand might be out.

    anyway, ashton's proved himself tonight and he is good enough to be in my team this week. just how do i get him in?

    also, is evra likely to get any football this week? i have him at 4.xx

  4. Anonymous5:35 PM

    my team:

    sean davis (portsmouth) (singlegamer, very cheap)
    *lennon (single gamer)
    gary neville
    *anton ferdinand (injured?)
    *evra (unlikely to play)

    that's my current team.

    i'm thinking of changing it to:

    saha, rooney, *ashton*
    ronaldo, giggs, davis, *kieran richardson (very cheap, but might not play)*
    silvestre, neville, evra (won't play - needs to be replaced)

    i think the 2nd team is looking better, but richardson and evra are doubts and probs need to be replaced.

    what do you guys think?

  5. I think you should drop giggs and add etherington and ashton.

  6. rooney, saha, ashton, giggs, ronaldo, etherington, allesandro (keep him as investment, scored 18 last week ay!), eboue, dailly, oshea, vandersaar.


  7. Anonymous11:34 AM


    thnx for that gr8 advice! not!

    why would i take allesandro, eboue, dailly (injured) at their current prices? i dropped eboue at 5.xx and don't regret it.

    to do well this week, you need as many double gamers as you can get. and west ham players have bad match ups, so you need as many MU players as you can get.

  8. hi anon, that aint no advice. thats my team for this week.

    allesandro i will keep for sure since i had him cheap and as to dailly, he was just injured a few hours ago. that wasnt reasonably foreseeable two days ago.


  9. Anonymous10:49 AM

    speaking of assists, how come james beaties assist in that game has been taken off, and yakubu's assist from a couple of weeks ago never appeared, combine that with the balls up over week 27 and you have me at the top of our league an nearest rival 1.5 pts behind me cos he had rvn in in wk27, plus i didnt get 2 legitimate assists, I could end up losing the league cos of yahoo's mistakes, and im sure maby other private leagues will be ruined due to the same reasons!

  10. damn. ridiculous. but still 77.5 pts on top in my league. ;)


  11. just fix it ok... give McFadden his 2 assists & J.Beattie assist which YAHOO forgot too. That was so unfair that ppl start loosing the enthusiasm playing... fix it ok, that's no nore than FAIR PLAY!!!