Early Speculation on the Two-Gamers...

Rooney, Giggs, Ronaldo, and Saha are the ManYoo guys you should find a way to get in your line-up. Ashton and Etherington are the best two prospects from the Hammers with Harewood and Benayoun in the consideration set as well. O'Shea is expensive but also worth it. I'm sticking with Vidic until I see the injury reports at the end of the week. The other two guys to keep an eye out for on defense are Mullins and Collins from West Ham. Mullins has been getting PT in midfield but is listed as a defender which is always a good thing. Collins subbed in for Anton Ferdinand in the FA Cup match against City and was singled out for praise by Pardew in his post-game interview. If Ferdinand can't go, Collins becomes a no-brainer given his cheap price.

Unfortunately, all of the above has me missing out on van der Saar in net but, of course, that would be a great pick-up as well. Hislop is slightly less valuable since the Hammers have two tough matches but his is much more affordable (12.87 vs. 15.79).

More to come at the end of the week.


  1. I find it tough to pick a goalie that my strikers are playing against.

  2. Anonymous1:19 PM

    that's true pete, but it is a double week. so 2 games. (i would be happy playing vds and ashton this week though).

    anyway, i think hislop is a complete waste of money. i'd rather have a keeper that doesn't play than hislop this week. WHU have 2 away games and they could very easily loose both and let in 5 goals over the 2 games. WHU games normally have a lot of goals in them, so I definitely expect them to let in a few this week.

    i think VDS is a must this week. he has a great chance of 2 CS's and will almost defintely get 2 wins. that's a 30-40 points.

    good defensive picks are silvestre and gary neville

  3. Anonymous1:41 PM

    will j.s park play. he did not play last game though. is he injured or is fergi just restin him? should i keep him for this week? and should i sell hyypia and get g.neville or maybe mullins or silvestre?

  4. park was in korea for a family funeral. not sure of his return, but i saw that he was going to be honored (along with YPLee and Willie Bouma) tonight at PSV -- can anyone confirm this? I think it was a cup match. So he's back on the continent, if not the island.

  5. Anonymous12:19 AM

    Do you keep United Players in for the Bolton game the following week. in anticipation of the two gamer the following week, or do you shift guys around?

  6. Anonymous3:29 AM

    Bah, I just can't make the numbers work this week.

    looks like i'm going to have to pick either Saha OR Rooney. I'd love to have both but It'll mean decimating my midfield. I'm leaning towards Saha ATM as I'll then be able to play Harewood instead of Zamora alongside (As well as Ashton who stays regardless)

    I'm also struggling to justify giving up Reina at 11.7 to pick VdS. I know there's good points available this week but I'm not sure if it's worth it in the long term.

  7. its almost april now. what do u mean 'long term'? time to go all out! :)


  8. Anonymous9:44 AM

    physioroom.com has got anton down as injured by the way... dear collins is looking even more attractive.

  9. physioroom.com has got anton down as injured... but returning this weekend. ditto w. brown.

    anyone have a track-record w/ physioroom? are their predictions reliable? as trust-worthy as this rag, i'm sure! ;-)


  10. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Physioroom had Claus Jensen as returning next weekend for a long time. They also had Owen as perfectly healthy for a long time. They had Samaras as returning this past weekend (we know what became of that). Until I see a report that says Brown is back and healthy, Vidic stays in my team.

  11. Anonymous2:29 PM

    nah how physioroom works is that it displays the team's next fixture date under "expected return" and just sticks "very doubtful" under "next match" :o unless of course the injury's a long term one.

  12. Anonymous8:36 PM

    physioroom is 85% reliable, but they do miss predict sometimes
    for a better view check the site on Friday afternoon, they should have the most accurate news

    Also, always check the club's site
    for up to date news