Police investigate claims that Finnan made racist remark to Evra
A police investigation has been launched after deaf football fans complained they had lip-read Liverpool's Steve Finnan making a racist remark towards Patrice Evra of Manchester United.

The Merseyside club immediately denounced the claim as an "outrageous slur" but Greater Manchester police confirmed last night that inquiries are ongoing into allegations that the Liverpool full-back "made an offensive comment" during last month's 1-0 defeat at Old Trafford.

It is understood that the alleged remark was picked up by fans watching the game on television. Two contacted the police, as well as Manchester United, and claimed they had lip-read what the Republic of Ireland international apparently said. Police are understood to have taken statements and to be reviewing footage of the game.
I sure hope this isn't true. But lip reading fans watching on TV complaining to the police? Now that's just silly!


  1. Anonymous11:43 AM

    lol. that's hilarious. i was thinking of maybe picking up finnan this week with so many spare units, but I don' think I will if this report is true.

  2. redmachina5:51 AM

    It's complete nonsense as usual.
    He basically told Evra to f**k off. The tape has been analysed by professioanl lip readers and he didn't say anything racist, perhaps not too nice but definitely not racist.

    Finnan might be out anyway with a neck injury.

  3. Maybe Finnan has watched tapes of Evra playing and called him out for the string of crap performances he's put in since coming over to ManYoo - there hasn't been nearly enough said in the media about how bad this guy has been. He's not a terrible fantasy player because he's adequate on the offensive end but he probably wouldn't start at Sunderland based on what I've seen.