All change

Good luck this weekend. With injuries, suspensions, cup and European ties, it'll be an accomplishment just having all 11 players on your fantasy team playing this weekend.

West Ham, Bolton, Boro and Man City will rest players. Villa has been decimated by injuries. Other squads like ManU, Chelsea, and Liverpool are picking their attackers from a bag.

What's your strategy? Do you pick the better players with the better matchups and hope they play? Or do you go down in class and hope to get a full 90 from someone?

And check back soon for Neal's, ahem..., expert advice.


  1. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Is pennant playing?? cause i know he got injured last week and i never found out how serious it was...

  2. thigh injury. i think it's at the should overcome to play phase.


  3. mahai chelsea12:14 PM

    decision time really. van persie is back but should come on as a sub. is adebayor worth taking the risk?. reyes and ljungberg are out injured, so who's gonna step up?. is diaby or walcott going to be in the lineup?. pires seems to be a good bet to start. i predict the midfield will comprise of gilberto, fabregas, pires and diaby.

    what about chelsea then, you say?. j. cole, swp and duff?. crespo or drogba?.

    man utd?. evra, vidic, g. neville, r. ferdinand maybe?. saha/rooney/rvn?

    headache and migraine combined.