Lazy Monday Blogging

The blogger is lazy, not the day.

[09:43] JSpitzberg: what if they held an epl game on monday and no one cared?
[09:44] Neal J Thurman: lol - I sense a tree in the woods analogy coming on
[09:44] JSpitzberg: something like that
[09:46] Neal J Thurman: Mido might do something crazy - that's always reason to pay a little attention - or WBA could give up a Birmingham-like 7
[09:48] Neal J Thurman: and apparently, there's a Mssr. Wenger on line 2 for you and a Mr. Hughes on line 1, they both wanted to let you know they will be watching very intently


  1. Anonymous12:57 PM

    i think mr bruce and redknapp may be equally as interested.

  2. True dat!

    A WBA win (which they are on course for at 12:25 PST) would pretty much seal SUN, BRM and POR's fates.

    A loss would leave the door open for BRM or POR with WBA remaining 3pts ahead and having played a game more.


  3. Anonymous4:02 PM

    oh dear. u gotta feel for kusczak there.

    harry redknapp was the sky sports guests pundit - the spurs fans appropriately sung "harry harry what's the score" at the end of the match.

    and for the record, "are you watching ar-se-nal"...

  4. pity kusczak..

    but, what a performance by keane..

    Go Go Spurs..

  5. Anonymous11:01 AM

    is it worth keeping ronaldo at 12.xx for the game against bolton this week?