Sad Day for the Dean Ashton Bandwagon...

Blog favorite Dean Ashton has broken his ankle. I have to admit that as much as I think he's a fantastic player (and still under-rated), he's starting to build a Bellamy/Duff-like injury history.

Fantasy Implications...
Ashton was one of a few moderately priced strikers that has some history, a good team behind him, and favorable first-week match-ups. If you had him, or were considering him, alongside Berbatov and Sheva (this means you Jeremy) then you're probably in the market for Defoe, Saha, McCarthy or Harewood right about now.

Until it becomes clear who will partner Harewood - Zamora and Cole are the two most likely options with Sherringham remaining on the bench as a 20 minute reserve - there probably isn't an obvious West Ham replacement.


  1. A West Ham fanatic at work, with strong contacts bought Harewood and Cole for his Work Fantasy League. He's won it 4 years in a row the rest of us are no amateurs! Who knows what Pards is thinking but if I had to put money on it I woould go for Cole over Zamora, even though I personally think Zamora is the better finisher.

  2. Look for Zamora to fill in on the wings until Eth and Yossi are back.

  3. Jeremy, you said "...until Eth and Yossi are back"
    Are you talking about he injured?