Friday's Team News Today

West Ham United FC's progress to the FA Cup semi-finals after a 2-1 win at Manchester City FC last night has been tempered by the news that Scotland defender Christian Dailly will be out for a month with a torn hamstring. The 32-year-old has made 21 appearances but only five starts in the Premiership this season.


  1. Anonymous6:31 PM

    United face Bolton away their next game, but appear to have a two game week against Arsenal and Sunderland the week after that.

    I have Ronaldo at +3, Rooney at value, Giggs at +1, Saha at +4, and Vidic at +.5.

    The question becomes, who should I keep in my side for a dismal tie at Bolton so that I'll have 'em for the two gamer the following week?

  2. Chris O.8:04 PM

    Great, now I need another cheapo defender who won't even be playing two games. Curse you, Dailly!

  3. GREAT! Dailly is injured!
    So now if i chuck him off i'd have no one to replace him! I have O'Shea.. should he be downgraded to Vidic? Is Vidic even gonna play?!

    If I get Vidic I'd have some bux to replace Dailly... hmmm.

    Situation: Right now I have Saha +3.69, Rooney +3.21, Ashton at value, Giggs +1.17, Ronaldo +3.07, Etherington +0.11, O'Shea +0.94 and VDS +0.07. (other 3 being cheapass alles, ebo and dails)

    Any suggestion?


  4. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Brown is still injured I think. Groin injuries take a bit to recover from. Don't think he would have been withheld unless he was injured as he was playing well. I think Vidic will play twice this weekend.