Pop quiz, hotshot

[12:16] JSpitzberg: pop quiz, hot shot...
[12:16] JSpitzberg: it's the first leg of a european tie...
[12:16] JSpitzberg: 70th minute...
[12:17] JSpitzberg: you're away from home...
[12:17] JSpitzberg: and down by 2 goals to nil.
[12:17] JSpitzberg: you've already made 1 sub due to an injury.
[12:17] JSpitzberg: do you bring on attackers and go for the away goal?
[12:17] JSpitzberg: or sit back and hope it doesn't get worse?
[12:17] buttonmoulder: away goal
[12:18] buttonmoulder: 2-1 is a draw
[12:18] JSpitzberg: now assume you're mclaren ;-)
[12:18] JSpitzberg: 73:23
Goal kick taken long by Pascal Zuberbuhler (Basle). Middlesbrough substitution: Gaizka Mendieta replaced by Fabio Rochemback (tactical). Middlesbrough substitution: Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink replaced by Aiyegbeni Yakubu (tactical).
[12:18] JSpitzberg: like for like
[12:18] buttonmoulder: pretty much
[12:19] buttonmoulder: howabout JFH for mendieta
[12:19] buttonmoulder: i mean yak for mendieta
[12:19] JSpitzberg: yeah... bring in the yak for a middie
[12:19] buttonmoulder: with jfh dropping into the rooney role
[12:19] JSpitzberg: and get morrison in the game on the right
[12:19] JSpitzberg: run at them for 20 mins
[12:19] buttonmoulder: i would have started morrison
[12:19] JSpitzberg: or take off fat viduka
[12:19] buttonmoulder: it's not january!
[12:20] buttonmoulder: viduka will never score
[12:20] JSpitzberg: lol
[12:20] JSpitzberg: it's no where NEAR the transfer window
[12:20] buttonmoulder: what happened to maccaroni
[12:20] JSpitzberg: 3rd choice right-wing these days
[12:21] buttonmoulder: but better than viduka in a non-January month
[12:21] buttonmoulder: just put on all the speed you have
[12:22] JSpitzberg: right
[12:22] JSpitzberg: yak
[12:22] JSpitzberg: downing
[12:22] JSpitzberg: morrison
[12:22] JSpitzberg: speed and width
[12:22] buttonmoulder: i agree with you. a like for like substitution is useless when your original like managed to get you a 2-0 hole


  1. redmachina3:37 AM

    The one thing you don't do in European football is panic.

    2-0 is not too bad against a time of Basle's quality. They should be still be able to scrape through.

    3-0 would have been the end of the tie.

  2. 2-0 is by no means over. at all.

    milan v depor anyone?

  3. 2-0 isn't over, but 2-1 with the away goal is, as mike mentioned, practically a tie.

    i wish boro the best, but i just wonder if mclaren's caution is hurting them.