How did you do?

This is becoming a familiar sight again in the English Premier League.

How did you do this weekend? We're only halfway through the week - hence the Monday Morning Manager's reticence to say too much just yet - but there were lots of points to be had this weekend. Did you get them?

I got points from Birmingham City's offense, but couldn't afford the real bonanza from their D. Rooney disappointed but still pulled in some points, while Spurs just disappointed. For all the talk of the teams with two home games, only 1 - Birminham City again - actually won. Crazy!

So far my team is shaping up as such:

Reina -2 (boooooo!)
Vermaelan 7 (from what, I don't know)
Bassong 3.5 (about what you'd expect from a Spurs defender)
Jordan 2 (was hoping for more from this, Burnley's easier fixture)
Eagles 13.5 (woohoo!  a nice surprise from a player who wasn't much more than an enabler at 6 and change)
Reid 15 (another nice return)
Kranjcar 2.5 (next to Reina the disappointment of the week)
Bowyer 24.5 (gold, Jerry)
Drogba 26 (high-scorer for me and if he keeps alternating braces with anonymous performances... well, we'll still miss him in January)
Rooney 8.5 (see Vermaelan)
Benitez 17 (another surprise total from an enabling player - also 6 and change)



  1. Anonymous11:50 AM

    As I posted om AM's site.

    I got 14 pts from R Johnson and 10.5 from Lasrson. Interesting to note that the team "Birmingham Stratford Blues" scored 144.50 so far this week and (s)he had 8 Birmingham players who contributed 107 points!

  2. Tundra United11:52 AM

    Since you showed me yours, I'll show you mine:

    Cech -7 (this is a family-friendly blog so I can't comment)
    GAlex 5 (eh, I'll take it; expected a bit more)
    SeaBass (see Jeremy's comment)
    RJohn 14 (on the money)
    Arsh 12.5 (if not for that beautiful goal, he'd have been pretty much a no-show)
    Elliott 12.5 (scores a goal but gets outpointed by Eagles...grrrrrr)
    Mikel 4.5 (returned slightly more than his value; I'll take it)
    MBrown 4.0 (see Mikel; that's why they're called "enablers")
    Drogs 26 (and at 10.66, no less; gonna miss him when he's gone)
    Chucho 17 (hallelujah! finally, a decent pick)
    Defoe 6.5 (did Spurs have a match? Oh! From the scores and points, I figured they had the day off)

    I need Arsh to have a monster this week, and it would be nice if Cech and Defoe would show up. Otherwise, it might be time for me to start thinking about fantasy baseball (and I don't even play that).

  3. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Given anon's comment about that BRM-based team scoring 107 points...are you still getting off the BRM bandwagon now, given their upcoming schedule?

  4. I mentioned this in the live chat on Sat (for those of you who weren't there... shame!) but, yes I'm still getting off the BRM bus. Albeit slowly. Gutted Bowyer to get Arshavin and while I'll likely keep Benitez for now, I'll be looking to find ways to turn him into someone with a better upcoming schedule.

  5. LBarroso12:18 PM

    - PRobinson - 21 (was expecting positive pts, but not this many)
    - Traore - 1.5 (leftover from last game week)
    - Ivanovic - 18 (No cleanie, but 2 assists will do
    - Bassong - 3.5 (see above Tot def comments)
    - Valencia - 1.5 (meh....)
    - Mikel - 4.5 (not too shabby for an enabler..)
    - Bowyer - 24.5 (in my lineup for 2 weeks now and with their upcoming fixtures I'd be a fool to get rid)
    - Lennon 5.5 (See my Valencia comment...)
    - Drogba 26 (nuff said)
    - Bent 9 (not bad but I was expecting more)
    - Di Santo 4.5 (couldn't find another fwd in the price range that I felt could do better)

    Shaping up to be a good week if all my players decide to show up...

  6. Anonymous12:35 PM

    At 131 due to PRobbo and Nelsen in the back, Bowyer and OHara in the middle, and Drogba up front. Since some of them overperformed while Rooney and Defoe underperformed, I'm planning for a reversal in mid-week to get another 131 from the non-participants. I know, "hope is not a strategy," but it's a start.

    I did not see the BRM game, but I still think you can use them selectively, mainly at home against less-talented competition.

  7. DeviL1:14 PM

    P. Robinson 21

    Vermaelen 7
    Traore 1.50
    Bassong 3.5

    Lampard 9
    Mikel 4.5
    Grella 1.5
    Mtaylor 5.5

    Drogba 26
    Rooney 8.5
    Benitez 17

    TOTAL 105. Not bad but not as i expected from Lampard and Mtaylor. Hope i can get more point from them in the next game.

    For week 16, should i keep Mikel?? Already have agbonlahor, arshavin, nasri and billy.

  8. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Does anyone know why KPB did not play?

  9. Anonymous1:22 PM

    The beast: 6 (OK return but was expecting a CS before welcoming gunners to Turf Moor)
    Verms: 7 (no comment, he is in the squad for the season. I really don't look at this spot and don't care how much he returns week-in week-out)
    Ivanovic: 18 (was worrying about getting YC and he went through clean. now a CS on the way i guess)
    RJohnson: 14 (best pick among the Blue's back 4)
    O'Hara: 12.5 (same YC worry but he make it through with nice phantom return)
    BFFL: 9 (expecting more for the second half of the game week)
    Larsson: 10.5 (dropped him @7.xx last week for KPB and missed his monster week, dang. should have got Bowyer though... I had 1.xx left on friday which is enough for me to switch. But Larsson is like O'Hara for Birms so hope he can have stable returns.)
    Drogba: ?? (I don't care how much he earned each week)
    Defoe: 6.5 (hey, you are supposed to score a hattrick!!!! Biggest disappointment but he will stay in my squad until... erh... maybe April?)
    Chucho: 17 (was so tempted to switch to Bent and glad I didn't pull the trigger. Too bad I dropped him at 6.xx to BD Klasnic before I see his points.)

    - Brian

  10. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Forgot to mention SeaBass was also in my squad. Spurs, come on!! You are home to wolves...


  11. Had a mare, in more ways than one..not only have I missed the Barn Door live twice in a row, but the Philadelphia Backwash (my team) have also slipped down in the pecking order in the BDL Regulars league..this week I took a huuuuuge gamble on Che Defenders...yeah, that paid off...NOT. My team:


    Almunia - nice, now on to the easier game.

    Verm - deeelighted with 7pts as I watched the game and counted 2pts.

    Ahole - No that's not a typo

    JT - My heart sunk when I saw the Che score


    Lampsy - poor return considering he got an assist.

    Anderson - enabler but wanted at least a SOT

    Cana - would have been happy if he hadn't got booked.

    O'Hara - happy days, even if I hate Pompey with a passion, he's FF Gold


    Chucho - Get in there!! Phantom Pointage to the max!

    O-dog - bit of a gamble and expected him to play a part on the Utd bench but thought he might come on and notch.

    The Elk - happy with that return

    So, all in all, a pretty crappy 1st round of games and a pitiful total of 79.50.

    Oh well.

  12. Hart 18 - don't know whether to keep him long term. Is he this year's Schwarzer?
    Verm 7 - What Brian said
    Sea Bass 3.5 - His only goal seems like a year ago
    Bikey 4 - He's basically playing midfield now
    Corluka 6.5 - Somewhat disappointed by this return
    O'Hara 12.5 - How does Jamie do it?
    Arshavin 12.5 - Andrei, Jamie did the same thing w/o a goal.
    Huddlestone 10 - I feel a goal coming
    Rooney 8.5 - Goodbye Wayne
    Benitez 17 - ok.
    DBent 9 - Stupid YC

    108 total

  13. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Fulop- 6

    Alexander- 5
    Bassong- 3.5

    O'hara- 12.5
    Larsson- 10.5
    Lennon- 5.5
    Eagles- 13.5

    Drogba- 26
    Rooney- 8.5
    Bent- 9.0

    Total= 107

    Pleased with my Middies, except Lennon. Pleased with Bent. Might get off Rooney train. Defense is meh. Fulop is fine since he was positive.


  14. Anonymous4:41 PM

    On the fulop front... he was cruising to a CS + Win... then Kaboul scored in the 93rd min... bang... there go a good 9 pnts...
    damn Kaboul!

  15. also scored big with bowyer and chucho, but the rest of the squad wasn't much to write home about. o'hara, arshavin good enough. franco, ridgewell, verm all decent. i can't believe i sold drogs a few weeks ago... sigh.

  16. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Hello guys - took me a while to get a chance to update my successes this previous week...or my failures.
    -Gomes - nothing there...I expected a clean sheet but times are tough in the EPL.
    -Vermaelen- Go Verm!!!
    -Bassong- Not much but I'll take it.
    -R. Johnson- Keeper? no, a defender, but he's staying.
    -A. Reid- finally did the business after a couple of no shows
    -Huddlestone - did the work, I'm just happy he didn't get a yellow for the second game.
    -Nasri- a bit of a disapointment but got half his value, I hope he's in the squad for the midweek game.
    -Mikel - what can I say, he'll bring in more than his value as an enabler...specially at Chelsea. I'm definitely keeping him, until Essien comes back of course.
    -Rooney - didn't do much and honestly shouldn't deserve as many points as he got.
    -Bent - got a goal and a yellow, sigh!!! When is he gonna start producing massive points, maybe this midweek game? hope so!!!
    -Anelka- well I didn't have Drogba, as I was one of the fools to let him go early, but I did have his partner who returned pretty good points. 90.5 points in the first game and quite pleased with that. I think I can hit the 200 point mark by midweek or go never know. Good luck to all and Congrats for a great job. Good week overall.

  17. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Given -6 Last season he was one of my best
    Vermaelen 7 Paid for himself
    Alexander 5 Almost paid for himself
    Evra 10.5 Good points as usual
    Ohara 12.5 Great player
    Valencia 1.5 Didn't live up to my expectations
    Anderson 1.5 Filler on my favorite team should win, right.
    Cohen -.5 Picked him to try to gain some points, and it failed miserably
    Drogba 26 My player of the year
    Rooney 8.5 My favorite player end to end, team loses, bleh
    Rodellaga 5.5 Has to have bad weekends when I pick him

    Total 71.5

    Pretty much a crappy week, but hey look on the bright side, there is always next week.


  18. Anonymous12:38 AM

    hope bowyer scores again! had him and johnson. solid points from drog and eagles, but disppointed with valencia. the rest: fulop and bent did not deliver max points; mikel, verm and seabass did ok. probably should get o'hara instead.

  19. Jeremy,

    Loved how you worked in a Bania reference...

    Almunia - 5...have him at around 5 and change and dont plan on replacing him anytime soon
    Verm, Traore, SeaBass - Mediocre.... Would have expected more than the solitary point Traore returned. Would have expected a Spurs CS [and win]
    O'Hara - 12.5... Gonna pat my own back on this one... knew he'd be absolute mustard ever since I heard the rumblings of a loan deal. If Spurs bring in Sandro (as expected), look for JOH to stay at Pompey and deliver big
    Elliot - 12.5... Somehow Eagles' SOTs>Elliots goal
    Azza Lennon - 5... The blueprint for slowing down England's number 7 was written @Villa... Double him all game long
    BFAR - 15... the F stands for favorite (for now)
    Drogs, Rooney, Defoe... leading the line atleast until the ACN...

  20. Drog doubtful for Portsmouth game!!!!!!!!????

    Any official update?,,10268~1905684,00.html


  21. Anonymous4:22 PM

    my gamble on hull city goalkeeper paid off :p MYHILL

  22. Anonymous3:14 AM

    why the fuck is everyone still thinking these last 2 games were a double week? have you not realised that they were seperate weeks and you could have changed your players on tuesday evening. pretty shocking for the most viewed fantasy blog..