The Week Ahead

Well, Jeremy stole a little bit of my thunder with his post on what to do about O'Hara/Rooney for this weekend. The fact that he points out some excellent options in midfield and at forward combined with the fact that work has been very busy this week is going to lead me down the path of writing my first Lightning Round TWA column of the season...

So here we go, Larry King-style (from his column in The USA Today for those not familiar)

Great comeback from the USMNT to win their qualifying group last night here in DC...All of our thoughts and prayers here at blog central for US Forward Charlie Davies who was in a terrible car accident on Tuesday night - we hope he heals and if footie remains a possibility, all the better...

Schedule...Arsenal, Spurs, Everton, ManYoo with very good match-ups; Liverpool, Blackburn, Citeh, and Fulham with decent match-ups; Stoke and West Ham is hard to figure and the rest are going to have a hard time with their assignments.

Forwards...Drogs, RvP, Rooney (I'm sticking with him 'cause ManYoo need the points but I'd take RvP over him for this week if you are buying at market value), Diamante (see Jer's post), Saha, K2, Bellamy, and Di Santo if you need someone really cheap with a great match-up.

Midfielders...Cesc, Arshavin, Giggs (although he seems a bit too pricey), BFAR (that's Big Fat Andy Reid since we haven't used that nickname much this year), Lennon, Kranjcar, Cahill, KPB (Kevin Prince Boetang), Dunn, Bily

Defenders...I'm sticking with the Verm, SeaBass, Heitinga grouping (and I don't see any reason to change this up until new guys potentially arrive in January based on cost benefit).  For those buying new, Heitinga and SeaBass are still reasonably priced.  Other options include Zabaleta, O'Shea (but as always, read the injury reports to sort out who ManYoo is likely to deploy at the back), Distin, Bridge, Skrtel (seems like he will be part of the preferred pairing for Liverpool regardless of where Agger is in this process), and Givet if you need a strong bet on a cheap defender.

Keepers...Mannone if you're spending (depending on Alumnia's health and whether Wenger is inclined to give the spot back to him even if he is healthy - not sure why he would), Given if you aren't spending, and Gordon over Robbo if you're bargain basement shopping.


  1. Benj :-)2:09 PM

    Is Hunt a decent option at midfield? I need to do my team now as i'll be living in a cave (metaphorically speaking) until sunday night :(

  2. I'm thinking of switching OUT of Seabass this week:
    Not up to date team news but this is what I've read so far on Spurs.

    Harry reported: "Jonathan training again is great news for us. It looks like Ledley will be okay as well, so that gives us options and that's what we need.

    "Suddenly we've three more fantastic centre-halves available. That makes us stronger."

  3. What about Mears? Seems to be doing well. Sure he is at about 8.7 but still and they have Blackburn, Wigan and Hull.

  4. Seems to me that Geovanni has been stealing all of Hunt's points.

  5. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Zabaleta is recommanded here, but isn't he injured? And doesn't it mean that Richards will take hius place?

  6. Gavin4:53 PM

    Rooney/KPB or K2/Dunn? Completely torn, so any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  7. gavin,
    until you get a word of what is going on with rooney, you are guaranteed to get points with adebayor, not necessarily rooney!

  8. I'm still staying with Bent, particularly if he's on discount.

    He's scored the last 4 weeks in a row, and 6 out of 8 weeks. He scored at Old Trafford last match.

    He's in such good form I don't see how he can be ignored so much, particularly with Liverpool's defense looking so average so far.

  9. I am pretty happy with my front line (Drogs, Rooney, RVP) and will stick with Rooney as I have him at a good discount. I am also pretty darn happy with my back line (Verm, Heit, and SeaBass) and keeper (Given)
    My Midfield is a work in progress. I have Bily and Lennon at discount. I swapped Hunt out for KPB this week. My final midi is JRod. Since I have him at 3.62 and have 2.48 (or 6.1 total) to spend I don't see anyone worth picking up, but I am not overly happy with his tally of 5 points over the last 3 weeks.

  10. Anonymous8:50 PM

    what about walcott?

    -Joe Labu-

  11. Anonymous2:41 AM

    Any news about Torres playing this week?

  12. Any word on the Fulham winger situation? I saw a match preview that says Duff is still out, but he played for Ireland Wednesday. New injury? And what's the status of Dempsey? I'd like in on Fulham, and one of those two seems like the best bet.

  13. Anonymous4:45 AM

    too much questions, and too little answers..

  14. Anonymous5:15 AM

    thats because everyone only cares about there own fantasy team.

  15. Anonymous6:59 AM

    rooney out guys...rvp drogs and saha should be best bet up front. Why do i think mccarthy will score a hat trick this weekend....

  16. cause you smoked a bag of weed and then decided to post!?!
    - No Palacios either.

  17. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Zamora/Kitson/Di Santo as a third striker? Anyone?
    And how about N'Gog/Voronin if Nando is out?

  18. dempsey injured? i didn't see it anyanyware... Are you positive Jeremy/Neal???? Anyone can help??? I really have a stronf feeling about him 2day!!