You're invited... join us in one of two private groups. Never let it be said that we don't listen to our faithful readers. You have spoken (in the comments section) and we have responded by setting up two private groups, one led by Jeremy and one led by myself (we did this to maximize the number of people we can accommodate - private groups are limited to 50 people and we hope to have more than 50 of you join us so we set up two). It's up to you to choose one group or the other but we'll be blogging about them both individually and collectively throughout the season.

Jeremy's Group:
Group ID: 4180
Password: blogblog

Neal's Group:
Group ID: 4244
Password: blogblog

We look forward to a great season in the private groups and hope you join us.

Neal and Jeremy...


  1. EPL Eleven11:52 PM

    I had joined the group. Real sweet. Going to be a great season!

  2. Any chance there are any other groups you guys are in that I could join. The current 2 are full.

    I've been reading the blog since about December last year, and want to pit my managerial talents against yours!

    My Yahoo ID is gamblor_uk if you want to check my history.....