Clearance foils City's Trabelsi

Clearance foils City's Trabelsi - Yahoo! Sport UK
Manchester City's new signing Hatem Trabelsi will have to sit out Sunday's Premiership opener against champions Chelsea.The Tunisian international had hoped to receive clearance in time to make his debut in English football, but that looks increasingly unlikely.
"We don't have clearance, Clarence."

Please welcome back to the spotlight, Danny Mills. Have fun marking Arjen Robben all day.


  1. Anonymous9:23 PM

    so look like ballack isnt starting te opener? or is he? any final word?

  2. Jake Taipei9:32 AM

    What's our vector, Victor?

    Love that movie.

    RE: Ballack, I've got a hunch that he'll be "alles klar" for the curtain raiser.

    I'm not convinced about Robben though. Mills will probably kick him first chance he gets.