Question of the Day

Are Chelsea going to be rampant at the beginning of the season, or will they take time to bed-in their new signings? Will we see the 4-nil Chelsea or the 1-0, late-winner Chelsea?

Or is their a third option?



  1. Ferrick3:56 PM

    I'm thinking there will be a fair amount of even matches early on so they'll get a point but not three. Thus, they'll be within striking distance for later unless some teams really step up and take off.

  2. Wow, bold prediction to think that the Blues will not only not be rampant but will drop points early. Hard to imagine them giving up too many points in the early going.

    They really only have one particularly difficult match before November (Liverpool visits Stamford Bridge on Sept. 17th).

    Can't imagine Citeh (H), Boro (A), Rovers (A), Charlton (H), Fulham (A), or Villa (H) presenting too many worries in the months of August and September. After that, Ballack and Sheva will have found their grooves and it is likely to be lights out.

    I'm going with semi-rampant - say a string of 2-0 wins.