Mido secures £4m move to Tottenham

Mido secures £4m move to Tottenham - Yahoo! Sport UK
Tottenham have confirmed they have re-signed Roma striker Mido, subject to a work permit, for a fee believed to be in the region of £4million.The 23-year-old Egyptian striker spent 18 months on loan at White Hart Lane before going back to Italian club Roma in the summer, after 11 goals in 27 appearances.
He's baaaack...

I would assume that Berbatov is still first choice. But now he has competition, and could come out of games if Jol is looking to make a change. And you won't even get me to say the word... rotation. Won't do it. Nope.


  1. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Oh wonderful, now it will be a pain trying to determine who is going to receive playing time for the Spurs. I thought they might come out of the gate hot, but they haven't impressed me so far.

    Considering Jol liked playing the big-man/little-man option last season, one would assume Mido and Berbatov aren't going to be lined up alongside each other this season....although that might present a more disruptive front line.

  2. Furious Fcukers5:21 PM

    Or maybe he'll play big man/big man up front with Keane/Defoe playing behind them. We've seen him play 3 forwards this season so who knows. Either way it's pure fantasy hell.

  3. Anonymous8:10 PM

    this means berbatov is probably going to be dropped in my lineup...

    Will pick up Martins maybe.

  4. The Apeman6:04 AM

    I dunno about Martins. He has exactly got midfielders who were as creative as Veron and Figo. Someone like Kuyt looks a good option though.

  5. Apeman,

    You don't see creativity in a midfield with Emre, Duff, Solano, N'Zogbia, and/or Milner?

    I still think Berbatov will start, and from what I've seen so far, he looks a good bet. Better than Sheva so far.

  6. It is a good sign. He is the good striker with high awarenss and good finishing