Reds lose Riise to ankle injury

Reds lose Riise to ankle injury

Looks like Aurelio just moved into "must-have" status.

Tough day for Liverpool, losing not only Riise, but having Carragher limp off and dropping 2 points to Sheffield United. How much of this "loss", if you can call a tie a loss, can be attributed to their imminent trip to Kiev to play Maccabbi Haifa?

UPDATE, from Clubcall:
Reds boss Rafa Benitez confirmed that Carragher will definitely not face the Israelis but Riise, who suffered a sprain, has a small chance of being available.

LATER UPDATE, from Yahoo! Sport:
Scans today have shown that England defender Carragher has sprained a medial ligament while Norway international Riise has torn lateral ligaments.
A Liverpool spokesman said: "We expect both players to be unable to train for the next two to three weeks."


  1. Chris O.10:35 AM

    And on a completely unrelated note, what was that about Yak and Downing? Yikes.

  2. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Didn't know Riise was 'lost', word out that he's okay after x-rays...

  3. Anonymous3:23 PM

    bad call on yak and downing, if those 2 don't score for M'Boro then who will?

  4. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Viduka hopefully but I'm not taking any chances with him. Convey didn't show up on the points today. Hopefully as better luck midweek. Anyone else think Andy Johnson is a must-have? Hits the target often enough.

  5. Anonymous8:40 PM

    I'm not yet convinced on Johnson or Everton. Yes, he scored, but against the weakest team in the premiership on paper probably. I guess I have been burned too many times picking Everton players. Even when they appear to have a huge advantage over a team, their style lends itself to a boring game without much scoring.

  6. i think johnson is a good pick, but i'm not ready to make him a must have. 1 shot, 1 goal. nice, but let's see how he does in midweek v Portsmouth.


  7. Assuming we've only space for 3 strikers, and with Shevchenko, most probably Saha, and possibly Berbatov/Kuyt, I was wondering whether AJ is that critical a pick. Well, Everton has plenty of shooters in their midfield that could possibly take away shots from the front 2.