Early days

When you're wondering what the hell happened this weekend, take a look at this and take heart.

C. Ronaldo (MAN - M)@WAT 14.862.45110002154021.0021.00
S. Parker (NUF - M)@AST[ BUY ]8.710.12110002022021.0021.00
Ivan Campo (BOL - M)@CHA[ BUY ]8.220.09110001240016.5016.50
F. Lampard (CHE - M)@BLA 19.651.78110001123016.5016.50
L. McCulloch (WIG - M)RED[ BUY ]8.100.09110002041016.5016.50
M. Arteta (EVE - M)@TOT[ BUY ]11.960.04110101020014.5014.50
S. Downing (MID - M)POR[ BUY ]12.660.01110002010013.0013.00
Gilberto Silva (ARS - M)@MAC[ BUY ]6.300.06110001011012.5012.50

I would hazard a guess that Parker, Silva, Campo, and McCullough won't be at the top of the scoring charts for long. Lot's of soccer football yet to be played.