Big News

It would appear that Ballack's injury might not have been as bad as he made it out to be. Shocking in the run up to mid-week international friendlies, I know.

Fantasy Implications:
WHEW - I was looking at having to retool my entire squad to find a way to afford a decent replacement for Ballack. If you're still not convinced that he's going to be a contributor this week you might want to look at Aaron Lennon (6.03), David Bentley (6.07), or suck it up and go with one of the newbie one-gamers like Gonzalez or Rosicky. Of that group, Lennon seems like the best first week bet given that he has two matches. Long term, Gonzalez seems to be the right choice since Rosicky may be subject to rotation until Reyes is sent packing to Madrid.


  1. minneMe11:23 AM

    Your blog mentioned Zokora as well. Would you pick Lennon over Zokora?

  2. I'm not sold on either yet.

    Lennon needs to add an end product to his game, and Zokora, while he will take kicks, also plays deep in the midfield.

    I guess I would go for Zokora at the cheaper price and b/c he takes kicks.

    Them's the rules, right?


  3. I just have trouble seeing where Lennon's points are going to come from. Unless they start turning over corner kicks to him or he starts shooting, Lennon'll be another feast-or-famine Duff type pick. He gets two assists and great, you get your 12 points. If not, then it is a whole lot of running up and down the line adding up to a point or two for a corner-won.

  4. Pierre4:43 AM

    on the subject of spurs, what's the chances of B. Assou-Ekotto starting? Any thoughts?

  5. Magic 8-ball says...

    I think he'll start on the left with Lee on the right. At least that is how they've played their last 2 pre-season games.

    We'll see. ;-)