Saha - Ronaldo Must Show Quality

Saha - Ronaldo Must Show Quality - Yahoo! Sport UK

Surprising amount of ManU news - solid details - coming out these days. The latest is:
Having already ruled Gary Neville, Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic out of the season opener against Fulham on August 20, Sir Alex Ferguson will be relieved to know both Rooney and Paul Scholes will be available.
Spot on, Pierre.

So that leaves a back four of Hienze, Silvestre, Brown, and Evra? With the latter two at fullback. I'm assuming O'Shea will be needed in the midfield to partner Scholes.

What am I missing?


  1. Fergie mind-games, that's what. Since when does Manyoo provide clear info on anything.

  2. defStef3:26 PM

    what you're missing is: don't pick any ManYoo defenders or VDS - there's little chance of clean sheets.

  3. it's like a bloody crapshoot every week.

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