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"You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone."

Do I have that crappy song in your head now? Or the even crappier remake? Of course I'm referring to the lack of new keepers in the league this year. Last year we were spoilt for choice with Reina and Van der Sar coming in at transfer prices , ie. cheap! And the year before that Cech was the most no-brainer ever.

This year the best option for a cheap(er) keeper may be Tim Howard on loan from ManU to Everton. But can he displace Wright as the number one?

Another option, depending on health, is Carlo Cudicini. If Cech isn't ready to start the season because of his recent shoulder surgery I would think Carlo becomes a must-have. Unless Hilario is the new number 2 at Chelsea, which I doubt. But I hate the uncertainty.


  1. yeah, I hear you loud and clear. What about defenders? I am having foggy recollections of new defenders too...

  2. that will be another post. ;-)

    but short answer is that there really aren't any name guys yet. some switching teams, others coming from the promoted teams.

    certainly no reo-coker or del horno in the mix.