Defoe on target in friendly win

Defoe on target in friendly win - Yahoo! Sport UK

Jermaine Jenas could have doubled the lead seven minutes later but he volleyed against the crossbar from six yards after Dimitar Berbatov had headed on a corner from Ivory Coast midfielder Didier Zokora, making his home debut.

...Spurs re-established their advantage in the 61st minute when another Zokora corner was headed on by Berbatov, Calum Davenport challenged and Michael Dawson hammered home the loose ball.

Zokora taking corners. Something to think about.


  1. does anyone have an idea on who spurs back four will be? more notably their wing backs....i think there is lies a bargain defender for this season....unless of cos lee young pyo is a starter....he is a tad pricey now as compared to his bargain price last season. add one a bit more and gary neville (when fit) or wayne bridge should give better returns

  2. they've been lining up with Lee on the right and Ekotto on the left.

    No one's talking about Ekotto, but I've got him on my team.

    Hmm... talking about the players. Maybe that's our job?

  3. Devil3:46 AM

    yes I have ekotto as well, but just wanted to make sure he is in jol's starting lineup. was worried that he would have been rotated with lee. any good sites where we can follow up on the various friendlies going on? soccernet does no seem to cover this. looking for some research material/clues on the line up of the other teams, especially the 3 newcomers.

    in other news, RVN scores a penalty and gets an assist in real's friendly win. is this gonna come back and bites SAF's scottish arse, kilt and all?

    still unable to decide is his sale was intelligent or not. he did seem to wane towards the end on last season and the world cup. and he is not the fastest runner to cope with MU's new (tryout) style of quick passes through the center. i feel without good crosses RVN is rather ineffective as he cant quite latch on to quick through passes from rooney/scholes. and we know ronaldo cant cross even if his life depended on it.any thoughts?

    and J, yes talking bout players was supposed to be your job, hence the setup of your blog,no? ;-)