Tea leaves

Feyenoord 0 Chelsea 1

Former Feyenoord striker Salomon Kalou said his goodbyes to his former home crowd before teaming up with Shevchenko and Arjen Robben on attack.

Michael Ballack was teamed together with Michael Essien and Lampard in midfield, while the back four consisted of Geremi, Ricardo Carvalho, Paulo Ferreira and Wayne Bridge...

John Terry and Didier Drogba replaced Bridge and Robben after the break


  1. Devil9:24 PM

    Well it looks like either Ashley Cole (if he moves to the bridge) or the Bridge is gonna be the fantasy choice left back this season. They should both start at rather low prices and build their points on all the clean sheets that chelski keep. kinda like del horno who was one of the bargains of the season at starting price of 5.01,that is til he started picking up red cards and getting dropped

  2. don't forget Gallas. He's in the dog house now, but was first choice left back over D-HO and Bridge last year.


  3. Anonymous12:30 AM

    Ya... With Gallas unsettled and Ashley considering his move, it would be a real headache for fantasy managers if the transfers weren't completed before the season starts! Anyway, would you guys be creating a private fantasy league (just like the world cup) so that those who are interested would be able to participate? I would be the first to join...


  4. Devil5:39 AM

    True, but Gallas is a tad pricey at 9.39, although bridge is not the cheapest either. cole at 6.70 looks good but arsenal only plays 1 game and he may not even feature.so far i've got heinze pencilled down at 6.95 and Assou-Ekotto, if i can make sure that he is a starter.....so what happens to lee young pyo then? so far im sticking to the ballack,sheva,berbatov plan. rosicky is only (most probably,now that reyes is acting up) playing one game so ill put him on hold first. i think these 4 players will be a constant is many teams as they are waaaay to cheap to ignore for the potential (on paper/html) :-D

  5. Jeremy/Neal - I see you have started a private league. Will you be opening it up to your regular readers? If you don't want to post it, and would consider inviting me, my email is alexdecouto@hotmail.com.



  6. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Haha... Just heard and spotted that you have a private league... Do you mind opening another so that all of the loyal fans to your blog could join in the fun too? or perhaps you would like me to send you my address so that you could invite privately? Thanks!


  7. Pierre10:31 AM

    hey fellas, wot u got ballack on your header for? get fabregas on there, awesome! and i'm in for the private leage too after missing the world cup group .

  8. Good news and bad news.

    The bad news is that Bad Idea Teams will remain private. It's our Shangri-la.

    The good news is that we are working on setting up a private group (groups if necessary!) for all of you wonderful people. So bear with us as we handle our day jobs and we'll make an announcement soon.