Hammers Land Argentine Duo

Hammers Land Argentine Duo - Yahoo! Sport UK
Argentina striker Carlos Tevez claims on his personal website he will join West Ham along with international team-mate Javier Mascherano.
Okay, you knew today was going to be CRAZY... but this? WOW! Talk about starting the day with a bang! How can you top this?

Steed to Tottenham and Routledge to Fulham is a good trade. But this is a blockbuster!


  1. defStef11:46 AM

    I don't know...as Bill & Ted said "strange things are afoot at the Circle K"...until I see Carlitos and Mascherano in claret 'n blue, I am doubting...

  2. Abramovich has big links to Media Sports Ivestments. Expect them both to play for Hammers this year but Tevez (at least) to be parading his skills at Stamford Bridge in 2007/8.

  3. Huh?? U sure there's not reporting error?? Anyway cheers to the Hammers for pulling this off. Fantasy wise, this might spell trouble for the quad of Zamora/Ashton/Harewood/Cole. It'll be quite hard to get enuf consistent minutes to get enough points. Anyway, Trevez is likely to be a Hammers player next season unless he performs badly this season.

  4. TevezForChelsea1:06 AM

    if tevez performs badly, he'll stay a hammer. if he does well, arsenal won't pay the kind of price demanded by msi. so it should be destination chelsea, who need more quality to supplement their nos. 1 and 2