Johnson Injury Weakens Pompey

Johnson Injury Weakens Pompey - Yahoo! Sport UK
The club's medical staff are waiting for the swelling on Johnson's ankle to go down before they send him for scans and assessment but there are fears he could join striker Lomana LuaLua as a long-term absentee with the same kind of injury.
Bad news for a lot of fantasy managers today as Johnson was on a lot of teams (9.28% to be exact).

I expect we'll see Andy Griffin on the right. If he does well and Pompey continue their good run, he may be a cheap option for fantasy managers looking to put money elsewhere. But maybe Andy O'Brien comes in to the center and Primus moves to the right. However, I doubt that 'arry is looking to break up the Primus/Campbell partnership that has served Portsmouth so well so far. Either way, it's an ex-Newcastle Andy in defence. And that's not good for anyone but Boro.

UPDATE: Shows you what I know. It's Paramot at right back.

PS. Follow the game here.

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