Wednesday team news

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Chelsea field Claude Makelele for Shaun Wright-Phillips in the only change to the side which beat Manchester City on Sunday.
Still no Ballack, but Terry is fit to play.

£18m signing Michael Carrick makes the bench at Charlton after recovering from injury.
A late team change for Chelsea at the Riverside as Salomon Kalou replaces Arjen Robben, who was injured in the warm-up.


  1. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Damn, looks like Cahill is on the bench as well.

    Should I drop Cahill and Ballack for next week? I'm kicking myself for choosing Cahill over Arteta. :(

  2. Space Cadets5:14 PM

    man yoo kicked charton 3-nil

    chelsea just lost

    things are getting soo much better

  3. Ferrick5:58 PM

    Cahill made it up to you today.

  4. Chris O.7:49 PM

    Thank the football gods for that Cahill goal. I thought I did pretty well today but still dropped a lot in the overall standings. Hmm.

    How must-have is Saha right now?

  5. Damn, Nolan put up some good numbers last season, but he was a waste of pick this past weekend, 0.00 pts!! Blaaah!

    I agree Chris O., Saha is looking like a good bet, given Rooney's upcoming "holiday".

  6. Furious Fcikers7:53 PM

    Yahoo is impressive thus far. Aside from some questionable stats they seem to be on the ball with the updates. I follow soccernet's machcast daily. Only to be given false hopes. MGP's stats for saturday were vastly different between Y! and soccernet.

  7. SoccerNet GameCasts are notoriously generous, especially with SOTs and Saves. BBC Text-casts are usually the best way to determine how your players is doing. Yahoo's own match trackers are also a good tool even if they aren't as slick-looking as those at SoccerNet.

    I have to think Saha is pretty much a must-have until he gets hurt. Jeremy and I were IMing about Saha vs. Henry and the concensus was Saha until the Ars/ManYoo match, neither of the two for that match, and then Henry thereafter...Just so you know where we are in our thinking...

    Cheers - Neal