Nasri facing three-match ban

Football Association chiefs yesterday ordered referee Steve Bennett to review a video of Nasri’s bust-up with Hull City’s Richard Garcia.

Bungling Bennett admitted to the FA he missed Nasri’s stamp on Garcia’s foot which sparked a 20-man brawl during Arsenal’s bad-tempered brawl with Hull at the Emirates on Saturday.

Nasri was booked for his part in the melee which followed, while Arsenal midfielder Alex Song could also be in trouble for grabbing Hull’s Stephen Hunt round the throat.

The FA now have until 6pm today to decide whether to charge Nasri which could land him with a three-match ban for violent conduct.

That would rule Nasri out of the crucial Christmas and New Year games with high-flying rivals Aston Villa on December 27, the visit to Portsmouth three days later and the FA Cup tie at West Ham.
So much for that three-game week coming up. Looks like we'll have to gut to afford Eduardo and/or Diaby after their goals against Hull.

[Updated]... Let's think just a bit more about this. As Neal talked about in Saturday's chat the next gameweek is going to include Stoke/Fulham on January 5 and Arsenal/Bolton on the 6th. Let's just say that Nasri is suspended; Fabregas isn't likely back until the Bolton match right? And by then Song and Eboue will have gone to the African Cup of Nations. So who is left? Are there any Arsenal attackers we can count on to play each of the three games?

Well, there's Arshavin and Eduardo up top. Neither has set the league on fire this season, but hey... they're three gamers! (See how easy it is to talk yourself into it?) Denilson looks assured a spot, and he's the third free kick option behind Cesc and Nasri. The one caveat with Denilson is if he has to take a more defensive position to accommodate Diaby, who is finally convincing everyone that he is a much better attacker than defender - despite being tall and black, and hence "the next Viera".

So Diaby, Eduardo and Arshavin are the front players in Arsenal's 4-3-3. Denilson is one of the middle three, and probably the kick taker. The other two spots? Maybe no one gets three games. From the Hull match, it's Eboue and Song. Walcott and Ramsey are available, but seem to be behind the others, when available.

Okay... well, that helped me.  Two-gamers are hard enough to not pick.  But three gamers??  That's gut Drogba go all in time!!  And Arsenal are certainly the most attractive of the quartet of teams with triple games.    Aston Villa is a very tough match up for them, but @Pompey and home to Bolton... they have to be backed in those matches, don't they?  But Almunia is now expensive, the defence is fragile... and there are only three midfielders and a foward we can look to to get the majority of playing time.

I think.  Maybe.   We'll see.

Final Update
Samir Nasri has escaped further disciplinary action for his part in the 21-man fracas that erupted between Arsenal and Hull City on Saturday, but both clubs are still facing the prospect of a Football Association charge for failing to control their players.
Well, so much for that. Back to the drawing board.


  1. Anonymous3:26 AM

    mind if i add another 'news'. Apparently Mancini WILL play Robinho at some point of time. And i do know so people BDed RSC. BeWare, you are forewarned!

    "It is important Robinho makes history here."

  2. I'm not sure Robinho and RSC are fighting for a place. Surely RSC is the 'lead the line' striker when K2 goes to the African Cup of Nations. Then you have Bellamy, Tevez, SWP, Petrov and Robinho fighting to support or partner him. Hughes has opted for Bellamy and SWP wide with Tevez in behind. We'll have to wait and see what Mancini prefers. But surely he has to try to make/keep Robinho happy.

    As a Tevez owner, I hate the uncertainty.

  3. Good night, all. Happy solstice. Sorry if my late night musings haven't been too enlightening.

  4. Anonymous3:58 AM

    @Jeremy Spitzberg, do you have any idea what Manicini's favourite formation was at Inter? ( i am not Inter's follower), hope you or some guru can shed some light on this, it may help alot.And is he a defensive minded manager?

  5. Thanks for the Arsenal condition and advice.. i think i'm gonna follow it.
    Meanwhile for City, I BD-ed RSC and change from Tevez to Bellamy. I consider to release one of them to accomodate Edu.

  6. Daniel4:56 AM

    Hi, just to double confirm regarding the 3 games week. Currently it is still stating Arsenal having 2 games instead of 3, are we expecting Yahoo to change it soon?

  7. mancini's favorite lineup, is the same, as the rest of the big clubs in italy. it is a 7-2-1! this allows 7 players to protect that clean sheet, especially if that means fouling players into retirement, just like marco van basten. this lineup allows 3 players to try to scrape together the 1 goal, that would mean your team would be victorious. this is and has been the recipe for the italian league to slide down the rankings.

  8. would you guys recommend bily at 7.97 or diaby at 9.76 for this week? i am an arsenal fan, but hate diaby. his three games would have to equal 2 for bily. i already have arshavin and eduardo

  9. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Is it for definite that fab will be out for the first game? hes listed as back on the 27th. not saying hes a pick (uncertainty much) but it might affect your thinking above.


  10. So can someone confirm the teams that are apparently playing 3 games next week (Week 17)..or have I misinterpreted something? If Arsenal have 3 then I'm all over them like a cheap suit!

  11. Nevermind..I see, Stoke, Fulham Arsenal, Bolton are the 3 gamers.

  12. Richard Pitts11:21 AM

    Bolton? Good job i BD'd Klasnic!! Shame about Monday though LOL :-D

    Gary Cahill should also be worth a look - scores lots for a defender

  13. I'm contemplating dropping Rooney for Eduardo and upgrading other areas.

    Gary Cahill is a good pick but at 13-ish, he's a little off budget for me.

  14. Rooney has two nice matchups. Would be hard to dump him now.

  15. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Jeremy- Would you consider Shay Given now that an italian is working their defense? I'm leaning towards dropping Gomes for Given but Gomes has been exellent for me lately and @ the price of 6.xx.
    It's going to be an interesting fixture next, I can't seem to decide whether to go with great match-up 2-gamers or decent 3-gamers... I'm leaning for the 3-gamers since a 2-gamer is too much of a risk as games may get cancelled due to snow.
    Also, Jeremy- Will you be able to do an article about all the players leaving for the ACN so that we know to avoid would help alot.
    Thanks man and great blog!


  16. Jeremy, what are your thoughts on Valencia? Should I drop him for a TG, possibly Cahill or an Arsenal player. Valencia, like Rooney has good matchups. Already have Klasnic, RSC and Rooney on my team.

  17. Dear all, do we already know when Drogba is going to be called up. I know he's on 4 YC also. I really don;t know what to do... (I have him at around 10...).

  18. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Man can anyone stop making trades for this fixture? It's only Tuesday and it seems like I'm going mad.
    Right now my team is as follows...
    Roque Santa Clause(I feel I've been good this year and I asked him to get me lots of goals as a present)...and finally and for the last time I'm placing my faith on...Eduardo, if he doesn't return at least his double he's banned forever.

    Well that's it. Good luck to all and happy HO-HO-HOLIDAYS!

  19. Anonymous8:07 PM

    When drog will go to African Cup?? we need drop him this week??? any idea??

  20. I'm thinking of switching from RSC/Bily/Carrick/Valencia to Cahill/Ramsey/Whitehead/Eduardo.

    After the switch, I will have 8 TG but with a filler, which is also a TG. This is how my team looks like after the switch


  21. DeviL7:49 AM

    Hey, how about Foley of Wolve?? Anyone still choosing him for next DG? Too bad i have dropped Bassong, unfortunately he is not listed in Cameroon squad for World Cup zZzz..

  22. is nasri now a better pick than bily? i have bily at 7.97 and nasri would be 8.10. i already have arshavin, eduardo and vermaelen

  23. Is there any chance of Boxing day games being postponed due to bad weather?

  24. Anonymous10:45 AM

    who should i pick out of milijas, huddlestone or pienaar anyone?

  25. Anonymous1:46 PM

    plz dont forget to update us with the weather conditions as well to avoid postponed matches....