Where were we?

Ah, yes...

It's hard to come back from international break. But re-focus we must. So to get us all up to speed - and yes, there are games today so no due dilligence can start in earnest until tomorrow - let's look at my O'Hara issue. ;-)

I have O'Hara at 4.23 and he's averaging 5 points per match. However, he's ineligible to play against Spurs this weekend and he's being played in a more withdrawn role in the midfield. So naturally I'm desperate to sell. But 4.23 doesn't get you very far. Good news then that Rooney is a doubt for the Bolton match. Well, maybe not as he's expected to train with United this week. But still, the door is open! So between Rooney and O'Hara I have 22.77 to spend. What are my options?
  • Keep the both. Maybe not the worst idea ever. Take the hit this week but know that points are coming.
  • Keep Rooney and sell O'Hara for Kightly.  I like this option because I feel like I would be buying low on Kightly.  Surely his playing time will only increase and last week's -2 will be seen as an anomoly.
  • Blow them both up and replace them with two mid-priced players with good match-ups this week.  This is the fun option because of how wide open it is.  Who might those options be?  Let's take a look.

    At forward:
    • Saha  - home to a poor-traveling Wolves team.
    • Diamanti - West Ham aren't in good form, but Diamanti is taking kicks and getting points regardless.
    • Bellamy - Robinho not back yet, and Bellamy's form would probably keep him out of the side anyway.  At up-and-down Wigan.
    • Defoe - wait for word on his hand injury and thus his prospects to start, but playing at another of his old clubs he'll want to get on the scoresheet.
    • A.Johnson - home to Hull. 'nuff said.

    At middie:
    • Benayoun - If Gerrard is hurt, Benny is Liverpool's most creative player and even @Sunderland, there could be goals.
    • Giggs - bit of a reach in price, but rested he should star against Bolton.  Especially if Rooney is limited.
    • Geovanni - much like last season, he's at the heart of whatever Hull do (and yes, that's damning with faint praise).
    • Lennon - @Pompey
    • Osman or Cahill - @Wolves
    • Andy Reid - facing Liverpool, but taking kicks for Sunderland and averaging 10 points per match.
    • Dunn - home to Burnley, though this is a local derby so it takes a bit of the shine off
    • Gera or Duff - home to Hull. 'nuff said.  Well one more thing, Dempsey is injured so they're more assured spots.
Honestly, I'm at a loss right now. Anyone have any thoughts?


  1. Are you assuming Osman to play over Bily? Got Bily at his entry price and everything I've read makes it seem like Moyes plans to keep him on the field.

  2. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Jeremy, i think you should also consider arsenal players. I like benayoun but if gerrard is ok then you never know what benitez will do. I have bily but im thinking of selling him if hes not going to start, you can get kightly as well. Sorry I cant help much but Im a bad position to do so anyway. Love the post and the blog you guys are doing a great job keep it up.

  3. Moyes says Bily will get playing time, but Osman was made captain. So he's not likely to be dropped is he? Look at Keane for Spurs as an example. I think the question is Pienaar's health.

    As for Yossi, I think he has one of the biggest upsides, but could be one of the bigger risks for rotation, position, etc.

    Right now I'd have to say I'm leaning Saha/Yossi, but liking BFAReid too. Sigh... what to do, what to do?

  4. I don't think the Blackburn/Burnley derby angle hurts Dunn's value. Burnley has given up 2 goals at home and 14 away. 'nuff said.

  5. What about Walcott? a bit of a gamble, but chould pay of big time if you'r chasing..

  6. Ya, I have Walcott at 9.5. Figured give him a few weeks and if he does not produce, bounce him. Did not know about O'Hara though, so Much thanks for this. I got him at 5.65 I think and have 3.6 to spare and add to it. Thinking Diamanti.

  7. Anonymous9:50 PM

    what about adebayor??

  8. KPB against his former club? he's been delivering the goods for a decent price, even with the poor pompey performances..

    i'm leaning towards berbatov if rooney is out. seems he had found his form, but the international break could screw that up.. that's the tough thing about these breaks, it's hard to judge if a player's form can carry over after international games..

    how about crouchy? scored twice today, playing against his former club, but might be rested since he played today?

  9. My biggest decision is whether to go with Diamanti or Dunn. I am liking the last 3 weeks of consistency from Diamanti but

  10. this can be fun.
    of the mids, obviously giggs is the choice pick, by far. you can go him with johnson. giggs puts you .21 from diamanti, which would be the best of your options. diamanti may be a long term choice for a lot of people. he is a rare forward under 10 points that can get you over 10 points week in and week out. west ham is a better team, than their showing thus far. once all of the pieces come together they will be more consistent in scoring.

    geovanni only gives you diamanti, so that is tough. if geovanni can get you 12 points, which he can, then diamanti would need to do the same at stoke?

    dunn is the second best choice for me among the mids that you put up. he is producing and his match-up is a plus. i don't have room for him in my team. dunn gets you bellamy and that is kinda exciting. no matter who is up front with him, he is still producing. 11.5 points is his lowest output in 4 weeks. he is away to wigan, while saha is at home. dunn also allows you to get saha and there is nothing wrong with that, but no one is going to have bellamy and quite a few are going to jump off of rooney to saha.

    their are my picks for your choices. i personally would go with dunn/ bellamy if you can't scrap together the extra .21 to get diamanti with giggs.

  11. Anonymous4:05 AM

    Heitinga(H), Verma(H), Givet(H)
    JCole(A), Dunn(H), Fletcher(H), Bily(H)
    Saha(H), Drog(A), RvP(H)

    Balance 0.48

  12. nice rundown greginho

    one other argument for Diamanti is the Hammers have a double week coming up

  13. Does MPet play this week? I have him at a huge discount. The guy scores and gets an assist and then doesn't even see the field the next game. What do we think his prospects of playing time are going forward?

  14. @fantasymixx.com I would say his chances are limited. Bellamy has been playing that left-sided attacker and doing it very well.

  15. do u think that walcott will be in the starting lineup?

  16. Anonymous12:14 PM

    what do u think my lines up

    verm, heitinga, oshea
    dunn, giggs, lennon, bily
    drogba, rooney, bent

  17. dempsey injured? i didn't see it anyanyware... Are you positive Jeremy/Neal???? Anyone can help??? I really fell about him 2day!!