Injuries and Suspensions

The Injury Files: Friday October 16

As you'll see on the other side of the link above, there are some huge names missing...

Gerrard, Nando, and Rooney are all confirmed missing for the weekend.  Huge deal all around for Liverpool as they are on the road to a pretty solid opponent with no firepower.  My thinking is that this diminishes the value of ALL Liverpool players as there is less chance of a clean sheet (they'll have the ball less) and fewer attacking options.

Also uncertainty around Berbs whose wife gave birth.  Old guys Owen and Giggs may be asked to produce the attacking numbers.  This means Giggs MAY justify his price and Owen is probably a bargain.  Might be worth looking at someone like Obertin (sp?) who might get a run as well.

Clichy and Bendtner are out for Arsenal and apparently Alumnia is healthy although there's no definitive word on whether he'll get his spot back. 

More later as it comes in but those are likely to be the big stories that impact your roster.


  1. there were reports that Aquilani might be close to first team action. Any chance that happens this week?

  2. I don't think so. Arsenal (League Cup) at the end of the month is the likely date I heard.

  3. Anonymous11:10 AM

    giggs/owen or geovanni/diamanti...what to do? the latter combo has such a better ring to it.

  4. Anonymous12:05 PM

    How doubtful is Paul Robinson,,, saw mention in Physioroom that he has hip/thigh injury....???

  5. is abebayor/berbatov and givet a better way to go than bellamy and distin? i would put bellamy in, if i knew he was 100%.

  6. @ Jeremy - I reeeeeally need some HELP with this one:

    1. Billy/RvP
    2. Babel/RvP
    3. Benayoun/Berbatov
    4. Dempsey/Berbatov

    I have everyone else sorted out, and funny thing is that NONE of the injury news affected my team (at least not negatively ;))...!!!

    Thnx in advance

  7. maybe with bendtner out, eduardo gets a start?

  8. nevermind, looks like Eds is crocked as well

  9. Berba a doubt as he just had a kid.

    EdS out. Theo's chance to shine? Though i don't know how Wenger will pick b/w him and 'Sicky.

  10. re: my last post... maybe you can't go wrong b/w Sicky and Theo. Both should play (how much is the question) and home to BRM maybe you don't worry about it?

  11. Anonymous2:09 PM

    any newa on bebatov?

  12. Anon - No new newa yet.

  13. Zamora/Kitson/Di Santo as a third striker? Anyone?
    And how about N'Gog or Voronin if Nando is out?

  14. Gavin5:13 PM

    Di Santo seems to be your best bet with Benni out. You could always go 2 strikers though and play a cheap middie instead.

  15. FlyingHamster7:59 PM

    By the way, what's happening to Milijas? He was the playmaker at the beginning of the season, but after his injury, he's been suffering on the bench instead of playing. Kinda explain how they lose to Portsmouth...

  16. No Nando or Rooney.
    I have ALOT of money to spend.
    1. Will not hold on to Nando at a discount because: that +3 I have him at, his value will prolly drop (albeit not THAT low) but still, it should drop.
    2. I think everyone is picking up RvP.
    3. I personally like Defoe (It's a bloody HAND injury!! they play with their feet!)
    4. On Spurs: Woody is NOT playing, However it looks like Ledley and Dawson are, so I think Seabass' run is over. With extra Rooney/Nando cash, might buy a decent D man rather than go for Sonko
    5. Alot of tinkering to be done. Lampard as a Midfield, but he's done diddly poo all year, so maybe jump to Cesc?!

  17. Given

    Geez. That's heavy Gooners. argh (though they ARE on fire...) Might change Walcott to Nani or Yossi

  18. fyi: I won't pick him, but I LIKE Voronin with Nando out. I'd pick him over M.Owen

  19. Anonymous1:18 AM

    Hrmmmm anyone have any thoughts on Arshavin starting against Birmingham? Worried that Wenger would go Rosicky+Walcott/Diaby etc in order to rest someone who's just played a midweek international... Have him at 14.30 (market value 15.88), so I'm a teensy bit reluctant to let him go, considering he may very well play the week later at WestHam... If I do get a replacement, I may consider swapping out Myhill for someone else... (Still have him at 1.00).

    On a separate note... Does the term Barndoor have any significance?

    Man w/ a conundrum.

  20. Harout2:20 AM


    I would pick RvP ahead of Berbatov.

    1. Billy/RvP
    2. Babel/RvP

  21. This week promises to be another interesting week with so many injuries on big players many are holding with at least 2-3units discount.

    Many choices but not many certainties.
    Bily - took corners and set pieces and a bargain at 4.77units but may not play if Pieneer returns.
    Defoe - hand injury... might play but not certain.
    Sicky - Its speculation tt says he will play but Wenger didn't mention or imply in any way. Might or might not play with a higher chance leaning to might.
    Walcott - Same as sicky,high chance for RVP to play as lone striker with Arshavin supporting. However, even Arshavin may not be selected due to him playing 2 games for Russia. If so, then Diaby might play as supporting striker.
    Berbatov - coming into form with a hatrick scored for Bulgaria but he's a doubt due to the birth of a new child. SAF says he'll assess his frame of mind to decide. My gut says he'll play partnering Owen in attack.

    I'd like to know if Bily will play as it could make a big difference to my squad. Currently, I've 6.82units left and my squad for wk 8 is:
    Verm Heitinga Gibbs
    Bily Cesc Dunn Giggs Benayoun
    Saha Owen

    I'm contemplating changing Robbo - Given or Schwarz. Pls give me some suggestions. Thks.

  22. Anonymous4:21 AM

    Benitez 'Chucho' is out - missed his flight back - and Birmingham is pissed cuz there goes their attack vs. Arsenal. he was my sleeper... sheesh