Van der Sar hoping for Bolton return

Edwin, give us a wave

from Yahoo!UK/Eurosport:

Edwin van der Sar is certain he will be ready for Manchester United's Premier League clash with Bolton on October 17.

The 39-year-old has been out of action since breaking a couple of fingers in a pre-season encounter with Bayern Munich in July. However, the former Holland skipper returned to action in Tuesday night's reserve team triumph over Everton at Widnes.

"I will be ready for Bolton," he told MUTV.

"I feel good and I haven't had any reaction. The match is still 10 days away so I have more training to do, then I will be ready for my first start of the season."

So be sure to ship out Foster if you're still on him.


  1. Jeremy
    what is the name of your team?
    how many point ?
    I am in Beat the blogger 2

  2. Woodpecker Fact Checker
    Total points: 698.00
    Overall rank: 15,903

    Not pretty.

  3. Partly sunny12:29 PM

    Just how jummy is Jummy at 12.86 and no competitive football for quite some time?

  4. beacause he hasn't played competitive football for quite some time there hasn't been a reason for his price to decrease.

  5. Anonymous2:13 PM

    @Jermey -
    I'm myself sitting on 701 points and rank is 15,389 :D (YAY! I'm ahead of JS)
    *Stands up and gives himself a pat on the back*
    Not that its a good total, but for my first season,its pretty nice :D

  6. Richard Pitts3:25 PM

    694 in my case and 16,628 in rank. Even less pretty Jeremy. I finished 888 last season and it has got a lot tougher. I've been averaging in the low 90s over the past few weeks and haven't really moved anywhere. I also think a 120 week could easily see someone at our level jump 5000 as it's pretty tight at the moment.

  7. It's a long season. Play the game... climb the ladder...

  8. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Agree with Jeremy
    It's a long season

    I've been impressively score 206 (position number 2 at 2nd week) at first week but then slipped to 30 something in the 3rd week.
    Now I am at 22 in Beat the blogger 2 with nice 788 point..2849 overall.
    Not bad, but stil expect to climb up


  9. how ca i join the beat the bloggers group?
    i really want to join..
    whats the group Id n password?pleasee..

  10. Anonymous3:56 AM

    Bit late on TWA???

  11. There is no TWA as there are no games this weekend! ;)

  12. Partly sunny1:55 PM

    This has probably been posted somewhere on here, but I probably missed it. How many players are playing the yahoo fantasy football. So I can put my overall standings in prospective.

  13. Anonymous6:46 PM

    OK, this sucks. These off weekends aren't fair! Now what am I supposed to do this weekend, huh? No ill-advised, last-minute deals? No fretting about who's gonna play or what the match-up this particular Saturday looks like? Dammit! I'm LOST! Help!

  14. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Hey Guys I´m in Honduras waiting for the USA world cup Qualifying match, so I really don´t miss the Fantasy slowdown for a week. I´m exited for Honduras and Hope they win, as it will mean being in the world cup for the first time since 1982.

    I know Jeremy & Neal won´t give me their blessing, being american and all (Please correct me If I´m wrong), but Great post every single week guys, you really bust your a%s. Keep it up!!!

  15. Neal and I saw the USA play Honduras at RFK stadium Sept 3, 2001. It was for all intents and purposes and road game for the US, and I think they lost. :-) Hope that doesn't happen again!

  16. GTR 3411:40 AM

    Hello everybody,

    Please keep in mind that Fabregas flew home for a 'serious family problem', and will not play in the midweek game.

    As we don't know what the problem is, there is a distinct possibility he also could miss the weekend game at home to Birmingham.

    He was a 100% certian starter in my team, and now I just don't know.

    All things considered though, I sincerely hope nothing too serious has happened.

  17. Anonymous1:31 AM

    rooney also injured during the international friendly..humm