Note for O'Hara fans

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Also, quick line from The Daily Star - they report that Jamie O'Hara will be allowed to stay at Portsmouth after his loan deal runs out in January.
I know it's just gossip but worth reporting just so you have it on your radar.  Maybe he's not necessarily going back to Spurs in January.  Anyway, resume your normal activities.  And for those of you who follow American Baseball, you'll know that I'm about as fired up as one can be after last night's Phillies game.

Cheers - Neal


  1. not to mention Kaeding and VJax doing the business for your FNFL team! Big night around the Thurman household. ;-)

  2. i am still on a high from JRoll's 9th inning special! What an important hit! There is a slim chance that i may be going to the Wednesday game...either way, I cannot wait!! And god do I hate Manny..almost as much as Portsmouth.

  3. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Hey Neal, yup, you're Phils look good and stole one last night but you referred to Baseball as American's just baseball my friend, just baseball...the greatest sport in the world and a lot of beautiful , symetrical, free flowing climactic similarities as futbol or soccer...

  4. Hey Neil, what about my YANKS??
    Duz YANKS/PHILS sound good to you or is a East/WEST final pre determined? $$$$$$$$$$$

  5. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Yankees have the umps on their payroll this postseason?...I AM a yankees fan, but first that Minnesota call, and now that Napoli tagging Cano/Posada ordeal on third. absolute terrible umpire crews...
    -On Spurs note: Woody and Dawson completed a training match today. Near return or basically there. Pavy played and bagged 2 goals aswell.
    Too lazy to sign in

  6. Anonymous8:24 AM

    how can i join the 'beat the bloggers' group?

    -emma starr-

  7. Considering Arry came out and said he wasn't keen on letting OHara go (or KPB for that matter, suprisingly), I think he'll be back at Spurs. Even though all the papers are saying Spurs have locked up the signing of MF Sandro from Internacional, there is still room for OHara in the Spurs MF as a central player when THudd/Sgt. Wilson/JJ don't play....

    I'm pullin for the Dodgers.... so many more storylines with a NYY-LA series.... plus my two roommates from Philly are absolutely insufferable so anything to shut them up would be great (especially since my Redskins are gonna get waxed at home Monday night vs the Eagles)