The Barn Door Live - Oct 31

Happy Halloween Everyone. Great match to start off the Premier League morning/day/evening. Looking forward to it.

My line-up is Given, Verm, Heiti, Dunne, Lamps, Kranj (GRR as he starts on the bench), Kightly, Milner, Drogba, Gabby, and Diamanti. Not my favorite line-up ever but I wasn't too excited by the alternatives either.

Looking ahead to next weekend - Arsenal get Wolves; Liverpool host Birmingham; Citeh host Burnley; and Villa continue the fantasy-manager-friendly portion of their schedule by hosting Bolton. ManYoo play Chelsea so probably not a bad idea to ditch players from both of those sides (other than those you have at a significant discount).


  1. Anonymous2:51 PM

    So, i dropped Drogs, RVP, O'Hara and Bassong for two gamers. My reward, dropped three spots in my private league and left 79 points on the table....JUDAS PRIEST.

  2. Graham Alexander is 38 years old. He's taking Burnley's penalties. He's probably gonna be hanging around fantasy leagues for a while. He needs a nickname. How about "Grandpa Burnley"?

  3. - to Anon: wow. first year playing this game I assume.
    - I WANT to BD Rooney. He's cheapish, and will now only go up with his points from today. But they play Chelsea AT Stamford Bridge. So not going to bother. I'm thinking Liverpool is such a mess, time to bring in Aquilini onto the squad. We'll see bout the injury report.
    - I like Grandpa Burnley. as a nickname. he will never go near my fantasy team.
    - The 2 gamers I think shat the bed. Milner, BFAY, Noble had a solid game and that was about it. Oh yeah. Cuellar's and Diamanti's negative. blah. Better do more in their 2nd game.

  4. Benj :D3:49 PM

    What's round and red and scores for Sunderland?

  5. Benj :D3:50 PM

    Andy Reid :D

  6. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Can someone explain the absence of Fabio Aurelio?
    He's not reported injured but he's not even on the bench.

  7. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Told you Bily would play. Glad I kept him.

  8. Anonymous10:51 PM

    I knew the double gamers would be crap, I knew it, and i posted it on here! but what did I do on friday? swap out all my single gamers for milner et al. brilliant. all the single gamers I looked at and dismissed/dropped did well too, Reid, Berbs, RVP(!!!). GUTTED. and Bily got red carded too, so he'll be banned forEVER.

  9. Frustrating week..urgh..

    3 players did not even played..
    Giggs,Sonko,Myhill..and Milner just played 45 minutes= 0point

    2 players with red carded..
    Cuellar and Bily..with Diamanti also give -ve points..Whatthefish?

    Luckily i dont drop RvP..

    So, i lost mt 1st place in my group..
    I hope Noble,Milner and Diamanti will do well in the 2nd game..

  10. Anonymous7:04 AM

    mohd: so do i.i pick villa's player and i drop from 3rd to 7th..0 point from milner and dunne -ve from cuellar, next time i wont pick any vila player =)

  11. Anonymous3:01 PM

    duh i should keeping up the captain position to RVP,rather than giving it to Dunne.hope he'll do better on the 2nd game.

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  12. Anonymous3:25 PM

    N&J - do you still know anyone on the inside at Yahoo? Given is not getting credit for saving a PK!! HOw do we fix this error and sack those responsible?

  13. @anon... we don't but points usually come.

  14. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Given's PK saved points are missing!!!!

  15. Roberto9:50 PM

    Jeremy, was it more fun last year when people would write to demand that YOU give them their missing points? Of course, you might actually BE Yahoo -- I have never seen you both at the same time. And where is Burning Pen?

  16. Anonymous12:37 AM

    Missing PKS from Given and one of Collinson's Assts is put under Kovac's name.