A Few Thoughts...

It isn't my intention to steal the MMM's thunder but I figured I'd throw out a few observations from my weekend of watching a pretty crazy amount of footie...

1. This is definitely the year where forwards are re-establishing themselves as the league's goal-getters.  In recent seasons we've seen the ascent of CRon, Lamps, Gerrard, Ashley Young, and others among the league's top goal scorers.  This year, the strikers are doing their work.  As fantasy managers, this is certainly worth noting as you choose where to spend your money.

2. The Pretenders Struggle - As usually happens, there are some pretenders to the Big Four at the beginning of every season.  In this case Villa, Everton, Sunderland, and Spurs (plus Citeh who are yet to play this weekend as of this writing) and all three have dropped points to inferior opposition (Wolves, Bolton, Birmingham, and Stoke respectively).  If they're serious about challenging, that just can't happen.

3. My biased view of Arsenal's chances at the title.  Thus far they've lost twice to very good competition on the road.  That these matches happened early and consecutively gave the impression that they aren't ready.  That said, if they win their match with WHU later today they will be 3 points behind the leaders (as ManYoo are currently trailing Liverpool 1-0 and hardly looking like they are going to take the full points from Anfield) with a match in hand.  It will certainly come down to how Wenger's team does in its remaining matches with the rest of the Big Four but thus far, they haven't done anything to distance themselves from the title.

4. Really?  Does it depress anyone else that with Gerrard injured that the best central midfielders in the ManYoo/Liverpool match-up are Masch and Lucas?  I'll grant you that Masch is a pretty strong holding midfielder but Lucas is average-at-best and there is no one fr ManYoo that seems likely to punish Liverpool for not having a better alternative.  Could get ugly when Chelsea's midfielders are the opposition.

5. On a lighter note, I really enjoyed the ManYoo supporters use of beachballs at the opening of the match today - fun stuff and it put to rest the notion that Mark Hughes had signed the Liverpool Beach Ball to a contract ahead of the January Transfer Window. 


  1. Lucas was world class today. I think he was easily one of the top 5 players on the pitch. Great win for the Reds today. Hopefully they can get their title challenge back on track.

    As for Arsenal's title hopes, I think they've got a better chance this year than they have in the past four seasons. It will be interesting to see what happens if everybody can stay healthy.

  2. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Hey Jeremy or Neal -
    Yahoo still hasn't updated the points. Can you make an informed aproximate of my player for player points.
    My Team:
    Doesn't look too good for me. Thanks

  3. Question of the day (until the BD closes) for me, and I'm sure many other managers. Pick 2 out of the following 3:
    - Diamanti
    - Abgonlahor
    - Rodallega

    Any thoughts?


  4. Gavin2:16 PM

    Diamanti and Agbonlahor each play twice. Diamanti didn't start against Arsenal, but Franco did nothing and Diamanti was a difference maker once he came on, so I can't see him on the bench again, especially with Parker red carded for the next match.

    Wigan is so up and down. Rodallega seems a good option, though, as he takes lots of shots and the occasional free kick and Wigan is at Pompey.

    Agbonlahor is potentially the one to be left out based on his most recent performances, but he also had that scoring streak of five games straight. Villa's midfielders have the potential to score more than either of Wigan's or West Ham's, so if you can slot in Milner or Ashley Young you may be better off going with Rodallega.

    For now, I have Diamanti and Agbonlahor, but may switch over to Rodallega before the barn door shuts. Good luck!

  5. Anonymous3:13 PM

    I took Diamanti/Agbon. Milner/Noble/Cuellar.
    I loaded up on the 2 gamers!

  6. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Make a choice on Yayga quickly because he had a monster week and his price will zoom up. I'm not sold on Gabby in any week, and I agree with Gavin that there are better Villains available.

    Bob G.

  7. Anonymous3:21 PM

    BTW, I'm going with Diamanti, BFAY, Milner and Cuellar as my 2 gamers next week.

    I think all of the horses are out of the barn by now. Yahoo can shut the door.


  8. Anonymous3:53 PM

    is it being counted as a double game if so should i lose lampard and others and get alot of villa/west ham player??

  9. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Im really not sold on the two gamers this week. why? because none of these guys are even half as consistent as other players out there. That said ive got diamanti and agbonlahor in so far. Probably put milner in at some point. Not gonna splash out on AY when milner is outperforming him for a lower price. Quite tempted to go 4 at the back and load up on villa defence actually, they HAVE been consistent (and scoring more than AY too). Joshtottenham

  10. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Neal, on point 5, it wasn't the ManU supporters throwing the beachballs on the pitch prior to the game. It was the Spirit of Shankly group. If you look at any close-ups, the beachballs were covered with phrases such as "LIARS" and "YANKS OUT". This was a continuation of the protest prior to the game.

  11. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Hmmm...how does the pretenders to the top 4 bit work now that arsenal dropped points against a team in the bottom 3 (lol)

  12. WANTED - Large key that is good for locking large doors (e.g. THE BARN DOOR)

  13. I added
    J. Collins
    S.Pet and Milner
    Gabby and Diamonte
    Looked at other defenders but have Heitinga and Verm and hate to lose either one of their discounts, and I think Heitinga will be fine to play next week. I am keeping Drogs through Jan.
    My other 2 middies are KPB and Bily. I may lose Bily but at the discount I have him and the money I have left there really isn't a great replacement. Hope he is back next week.
    Wonder when Yahoo will get the points up?

  14. Devistating week for me. Too many Friday moves made against my better judgement. 65.5 points. Fortunately I had a 47 point lead in my league those nipping at my heels had disappointing weeks as well. Same in the BTB league where I only dropped one spot to 10th. I'm sick with myself for dropping Bily. Had him at the ultimate discount, and did so to make room for Deco (violating another rule that I made for myself in "don't trust the Chelsea midfield," but who honestly saw Joe Cole starting?). Gotta bounce back strong.

    BDed Wilkinson but may give him up since I'm not quite sure how he got into the starting 11 again and that worries me. Great match-up if he does though. I BDed Beattie because he seems like a lock to score on Wolves. Throwing in the big guns with Rooney and Gerrard barring future news on the latter as the match ups look right. And I usually pass on players if I'm late to the party but KPB's matchup looks good as well (of course that was the idea with picking him this week though, right? Didn't quite pan out unless you had him cheap).

  15. Anonymous8:21 PM

    I have a feeling that West Ham defenders are the best bet for the double gamers. Even though Villa are better positioned, West ham are paying at Upton Park and they're not shy on scoring. Villa midfielders on the other hand is probably the way to go, but then again...I'm not in a good position to talk. 12,000 overall rank doesn't give me the right to say who you should or should not pick, even though I may be right!!! Exiting week coming up, good luck all.

  16. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Current team (Probably to be updated):