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So, what to make of the return of David Bentley - will he finally fit into what Spurs do? Will he be the same unmitigated disaster that made him one of the worst transfer buys of the last 5 years?  Will he even start? Or is 'arry just using this as a smoke screen while planning to start Jenas, Kranj, Palacios, and THud in some arrangement?

My guess is that he'll play but certainly not be up to the standards he set while at Rovers for fantasy performance (no guarantee he'll take kicks which Kranj has been doing).  Overall analysis? He'll be OK but probably won't be worth the price which is still high (10.83).  If you're into risk, there's definitely upside at that price but there's also a fair amount of downside.

Elsewhere in this match - Arsenal will likely recall Almunia as their keeper as Mannone has certainly not lived up to his first few performances.  Walcott and Rosicky with definitely miss out with Nasri not likely to start twice in a row coming off of his long-term absence.

Elsewhere around the league - ManYoo has a bit of a crisis going at the back where it seems likely that at least one, if not both, of Vidic and Rio will be out.  Evans becomes much more attractive in this case.  Ordinarily, I'd wonder if their defence would hold but with H1N1-infested Rovers the opposition, I think things will be OK.  Evans, Rafael, and O'Shea are all probably strong bets at a much more reasonable price than the average ManYoo defender in most weeks.  Oh yeah, Fletch and Park are also both out and Giggs "has a knock" for whatever that's worth.

At Chelsea the big concern is over the health of Ivanovic who will undergo the dreaded "late fitness test" which is code for "make fantasy managers crazy" - I'd stay away from both he and his likely replacements as we have no idea what will come of this.

Another question mark, this one for Burnley is Jensen.  If he starts at home against Hull both he and Mears are interesting plays.  If not, neither of them are nearly as interesting.  The problem? Jensen's status seems unclear.  I'd stay away here too.

Seems like Jummy is still hurting as his body adjusts to playing footie again.  He didn't train on Thursday and I'd be very careful about starting him.  Probably best to wait until a) Hull are at home; and b) until he has a clean bill of health.

AJ and Gerrard will both miss LIV/FUL as will new boy Aquilani (virus) and Glen Johnson (calf).  Not good news for Liverpool as this match has "trap" and/or "let down" written all over it.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Sorensen is likely to be back for Stoke after Simonsen deputized while Sorensen was out with the flu.  More rumors of Tuncay "forcing his way into the starting line-up" but I'll believe it when I see it.  Sorensen immediately becomes a strong option in net given the weak opposition.

DBent is a question mark for Sunderland and I'm pretty sure no fantasy manager feels badly for him after the stinker that he posted last weekend for lots of us who had him.  The doubt reduces his value while at the same time not increasing that of Frazier Campbell enough to make him worthwhile.

Not too much else of note other than Scott Parker and Jermain Defoe's suspensions.  Best of luck in your selections and I'll look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for the Live Chat.


  1. Benj :D1:43 PM

    Go on Tuncay "you can dooo eeet!". It been a long painful few weeks while the Tunc has been waiting to prove me right, in the meantime I'll just have to put up with the mockery and people generally just thinking I'm an idiot, but when he comes through for me that will all just make it taste so much sweeter! Believe!!!

  2. Benj :D1:54 PM

    ...... me and the other 1% of players (who obviously also have the eye of the tiger!)

  3. Anonymous3:37 PM

    You mean, you and the other 1% of players (who obviously stopped paying attention to thier teams) :)

  4. Gavin4:29 PM

    Swapped O'Shea in for Mears. Hope it doesn't come back to bite me.

    Loaded up on Villa players for this week. I hope they are able to keep at least one clean sheet. If it has to be one, though, I hope it's against Everton. I'd like a high scoring shootout between Villa and the Hammers, as I have Noble and Diamanti in addition to my Villains.

    I need a good week after my dreadful 65 points last week. Good luck everybody!

  5. Anonymous5:20 PM

    That Twitter list is great! Thanks for the info (even if it does decimate my lineup).

  6. Frazier Campbell may or may not be fit for Saturday as well.

  7. Anonymous7:36 PM

    @Basher - Oooh, would that make KJones a good option up front?

  8. It might make KJones the ONLY option up front! ;-) I would have guessed that Bruce would play KRich off KJ, but he's probably needed at left back.

    My gut tells me that DBent plays, but if not... I don't know. Reid, Henderson, Cana, Steed... who's the 5th mid/2nd striker?? Maybe it IS KRich and Da Silva comes in at left back?

  9. - Looks like Bentley IS starting. Might not get points, but he'll take away points from Krancjar by taking kicks.
    - my eggs are in for the double gamers this week.

    I don't think Bily will play/start so I'll maybe try and work him out potentially.

  10. Behrami with the double game or eagles who has been doing well recently?

  11. Likewise Hrod who I picked up barn door or Carlton Cole who looked great last weekend?

  12. @Owen, I also hope for Bily to play tonight..huhu because its hard to get rid of him with the price 4.71..


    I hope my double gamers give me much points..
    But im worry if sonko will not play tonight..

  13. Anonymous10:24 PM

    With limited remaining points, I added Wes Brown and Sidwell. Does not feel like the dumbest thing I have ever done. Yet. But it allows me to keep Rooney, who is fired up after last week, and FBFAY, who is overdue.

  14. Anonymous2:50 AM

    Is Ashley Cole gonna play?

  15. Anonymous2:55 AM

    Oh, that Bily thing drives me insane. I think that if I keep him for one more week, it will hurt me. But whom can I get - Kightly, Rodwell?
    When Bily returns, Osman and Pienaar will be waiting. But is this worth losing the 4mil discount on him?

    Any help will be appriciated...

  16. Ok My Bily thoughts:
    Toffees have a double game on Nov.25th I believe. It WOULD be nice to keep him for that, but I think Everton SHOULD be back to full health by then. Possibly Arteta as well?! I think Rodwell/Gosling are first to go, but that midfield group is clogged with Osman/Peinnar/Fellaini etc..
    I think it would be a waste to keep him as I don't think he's playing this week. But if you keep him THIS week, then stay in for the long haul.
    BUT Everton doesn't usual shell out big money for players and I think they paid roughly £9 mil for him, so he will play. and when he HAS he's done well. He takes kicks. I've convinced myself to keep him now.

  17. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Physio room says Bily will return in a week but a source from Everton says he might play against villa. I'm keeping him but if you don't have him at 4ish I would change him for O'Hara.

  18. Benj :D7:11 AM

    Everton's upcoming schedule - avl, @whm, @manu, liv. I know heitinga is a great prospect in the long term, but at only a 0.6 or 0.8 discount, I'm freeing up a spot on my defence for the double gamers this week.

  19. Benj :D7:16 AM

    Also, I'm gutted I cant get to rooney and valencia this week, as manu are going to have a field day later

  20. Hello Neil

    when will we start the Barndoor chat ?
    Gooner game is live
    Wonder if there any online game on the net I can watch..