Aquilani could debut against Sunderland

Soon to be a game worn souvenir?

Telegraph UK:
Sunday's 2-0 defeat against Chelsea highlighted Liverpool's need for a creative force alongside Steven Gerrard in the middle of the park and the upcoming international break should serve as enough time for Aqualini to complete his rehabilitation and take his place in the match-day squad on Oct 17.
From the bench one would assume.  But everytime I say that they start. Regardless something to keep an eye on as we come out of the international break.

UPDATE:  Or, maybe not.  Don't pencil him in until the end of the month, @Fulham in the League at the earliest.

And speaking of @Fulham, Jummy might be back for Hull's next match!


  1. Seriously thinking of trading Hunt for Aquilani. At the rate Hunt is falling even coming of the bench AA could get more points than Hunt will over 90 minutes. Probably won't make any changes until after the break though

  2. aquilani is desperately needed in that liverpool side. he was supposed to be the like-for-like replacement for xabi alonso, and it's completely obvious to everybody who's not rafa that lucas ... isn't. i doubt aquilani can be as good as xabi, but anything's better than more lucas.

  3. Definately going to wait on Aquilini. The mess at Liverpool with Gillett throwing Rafa under the bus, is NOT good. But I think 'Pool being in 6th and already losing as many games as they did last year. They will hit the panic button.
    I'm already can't wait for the January transfer window!! This the year the 'Big 4' is broken?!

  4. Anonymous10:15 PM

    i think december is the best bet for him...

    And although the Liverpool boss is facing more questions about his side's ability to sustain a serious title challenge after a third Premier League defeat - already more than in the whole of last season - he will not press Aquilani into action ahead of schedule.

    But it seems the Italian could make his first appearance in the Carling Cup fourth round tie at Arsenal on October 28.

    source: yahoo

  5. mags:
    there are a host of players producing better than hunt right now...
    prince boateng-portsmouth, jarvis-wolves, dunn-blackburn, and tamir cohen & lee chung-yong-bolton.
    dunn would be the best if you can afford him. i also would not shy away from bolton at man u. only hull has shut out bolton. they always get, at least, a goal wherever they play!

  6. going with dunn myself. burnley's away record is pretty spectacular (14 conceded in 4 matches).

  7. Thanks guys but I am 9 cents short for Dunn. Wolves are heading into a really tough patch and I think Jarvis' numbers will go down. I thought about KPB but I am not sure about Bolton @ Man Yoo. Thought about THud too but I already have Lennon and not sure I want 2 middies from Spurs. Still not happy with Hunt but I want to see what happens at the break

  8. mags,
    kpb plays for portsmouth, so he is at home versus tottenham.