How did you do?

I have a respectable 95 points with Geovanni and Sonko to play. Neal wrapped up his week at 105.  The totals were mostly thanks to strong midfield picks.  Neal fielded Krancjar, Fabregas, Prince-Boateng and Bilyaletdinov while I got points from Dunn and Prince-Boateng as well.

How did you do this weekend and who was it that did the business for you?


  1. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Got rid of Bily and Dunn in favor of Giggs and Lennon. Typical Friday mistake.

  2. Anonymous12:44 PM

    my didiots drogba,RVP is well enough productive.but all my defends only got 2 points each one of them.verm,baines,g.johnson, only productive midfield is FAB(hes my captain,too),while o,hara and fletcher didnt play,bullshit.and well-historic KUYT just got 1 point.duh.any advise?

  3. Advice forthcoming! ;-) Check back for the Manager's take on the weekend soon.

  4. Anonymous1:02 PM

    103.5 points with sonko to play....points from gordon!!! kranjcar, dunn, fabregas arshavin and i dont know why i went for fellaini instead of bily...would have 120 pts :P. Drogba Saha up front.


  5. Anonymous1:03 PM

    92.50 with Sonko left to go! Just hoping for no negative points.
    Gained spots and now am up to 299th Overall.
    937.00 total.

  6. Nicholas1:10 PM

    Barely get over the hundred marks... with 101. Had a good team overall beside, Mokoena, Givet and Saha ^^

  7. Anonymous1:11 PM

    the worst week of my season. held on to rooney and torres in the hope of pastures greener for them. need strong performances from them in weeks to come. had them at a cumulative discount of 8.0


  8. Anonymous1:16 PM

    I recieved a total of 108 points for the week not bad especially its my first time getting over a 100 since week 1. A special thanks 2 u guys 4 convincing me 2 pick my hunch KPB. My team.
    verm, seabass, heitenga,
    fab4, KPB, bily, fellaini,
    drogba, saha, RVP


  9. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Very, very bad. This was my team:
    Heitinga, Vermaelen, Gallas
    Cahill, Walcott, Dunn, Benayoun, Diouf
    Drogba, Saha

    This was my worst week. I have 64.50 points from this week, with only Myhill to play. I've been averaging around 100 points a week, and Myhill's got to score a hatful (of goals!) for that to be kept up!

    Capital mistakes all round. I rated Diouf's chances of scoring higher than Diaby's, and neglected Villa defenders just because they were playing Chelsea (besides, I'm a Chelsea fan!). I thought Walcott would do better than Bily.

  10. Anonymous1:24 PM

    And other things didn't work out either. Players who I rejected (Villa defenders, Bily, Diaby) all scored goals, and Everton didn't hand out the thrashing I expected them to against Wolves. So Heitinga, Saha and Cahill ended up with 17 points between them.

  11. Bily, Arshavin, Van Persie were the difference for me. Too many in my league went with Michael Owen and almost everyone, including myself, had Saha. Couple that with the fact that everyone has Drogba and it was a virtual wash RvP standing out.

    94.5 points. Not great but enough to keep me comfortably in first place. Wish I would have given the Prince a thought. Would have been nice. It's all about Jummy next weekend!

  12. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Sitting at 100 with Sonko yet to play.

  13. i did ok. 93 with geovanni left to play. my inspiration came in midfield/ fabregas, boateng, bily with geovanni still to come. dropped rooney and sonko for adebayor and givet, that landed me a whopping 1 point. not a good thing.

    i am not sad about losing the discount on rooney because he may not be back for the next game, as well. the question is will abebayor be back in time. i want diamanti, but i will wait for his easier schedule or i would add a 5th mid with dunn, but his schedule is not easy, either. i will never pick up crouch, ever.

    what does everyone think about mtay, at home to everton?

  14. 93 points with Hunt still to play.

    Went 4-3-3 and my forwards and middies did well. (Arshavin, Diaby, Saha, Drogba, RVP)

    Was let down by my defenders, who squandered a lot of clean sheet points. (Verm, Bassong and Heitenga)

    O'shea not getting the start was my only real blunder of the week.

  15. Finished with 107 points. I sold Rooney and JRod to pick up Yossi and Saha and neither of them played that great. However I dropped Hunt to get KPB and already had Bily so that worked out well. My team was

  16. Bojan5:10 PM

    116,00 points, i think it is the best week for me this year... Drogba and Verm got me just 16 points(in lots of other games 40-60), so I'am very happy with performance

    69th overall, with Fulham-Hull points to be add

  17. finished with 124 and mostly from middies:
    Bily, KPB, Kranjcar, and Dunn

  18. a poor week from my side: 82. dunn, bily, arshavin were good, but my defenders (heitinga, seabass, givet) were MIA and i got nothing up front from K2 and owen. (i had drogba, but doesn't everybody?) and andy reid hosed me both coming and going--he tormented liverpool (augh) but somehow had a mere 0.5 to show for it on the scoresheet.

    i should have bought the beach ball instead of owen.

  19. "i should have bought the beach ball instead of owen."

    Quote of the day! Thanks for the laugh, Joon.

  20. Anonymous9:57 PM

    finished with total 101.5 points..
    thanks to the middie n RVP+Drogba..
    thanks 2 u too jeremy for the recommendation to choose KPB,Billy..just BFAR dissapointed me..hehe
    but overall its ok..
    waiting for the next TWA from u 2..

    -emma starr-

  21. Anonymous11:14 PM

    Finished with 94.5 point
    Releasing Diaby and Dunn at last moment, replace them with Nani and Saha :(

  22. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Wow - I got 60 points only this week...pathetic! I knew I should've followed Jeremy & Neal's advice but no...I had to do my own thing. This is the lowest I've scored all season, still at top 11,000 but need to make up for the ground lost in the coming weeks.

  23. Anonymous12:59 AM

    Oh, and my low score also reflects on stupid Defoe. Why does he have to get a red? I know by himself he would've gotten me nearly 30 points had he stayed in the game.

  24. GTR 344:05 AM

    Got semi decent pts this week - 104 which included the 9.5 I got for Pantsil last night.

    My only mistake was to pick Giggs instead of KPB (who I dropped for Giggs 2 hours before kickoff)

    Still, climbed to 125th overall, and am now only 19.5 pts away from breaking into the top 50.

    Many injuries to think about this week. All of the following are being monitored.

    Torres (doubtful)
    Gerrard (60% sure to play)
    Giggs (will not feature in tomorrow's CL)
    Evra (50/50)
    Rooney (60% sure, but should be rested in CL)
    Adebayor (doubtful)
    Walcott (Sure NOT to play)

    Cattermole might not see another game this season, or for at least 3 months.

    DeFoe was sent off, so not in the selection process. I also believe Brown (filler) who was also sent off will not be available, and who in their right mind would take the risk of picking Mokoena?

    I'll enjoy a couple (few) beers over the next 2 nights whilst watching the CL, and will see what transpires in respect to team selections, injuries et al.

    Good luck to everyone.

  25. Anonymous4:11 AM

    @ 12:59 -
    Even if he got 30 ponts that would mean 22.5 points more..... that would take you to 82.5 points which STILL IS a bad score!! :P
    sorry... but i had to rub it in your face!! =)

    I am pretty happy that i got 119.5 points considering that I had Givet, Sonko AND PRoblem..
    am really happy that Zamora scored!! wohoo!!
    I went with only 3 guys up front ... Drogs(no surprise) DIAMANTI AND ZAMORA!! Boy! i got balls!! :D

  26. Anonymous7:58 AM

    dropped bily to get giggs but a measly 65.5 missed out with insua being dropped will he return?

    Have replaced lamps with fabs i think this will work out longer term as frankie aint scoring the way he used to!

    held on to jarvis and nugent at discount but wasnt worth it

    have sonko as well but hull arent defending well but he is so cheap to hold on to

    i fancy keane and adebayor up front this weekend

    goin with de jong deco rodwell fabs in mid

    insua verm sonko at back

    given in the the sticks


  27. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Does it take a lot of balls to go with ONLY 3 guys up front?


  28. Richard Pitts10:16 AM

    I got 120 this week, my best since week 1 - had one of those weeks where everything turned out well. Only downer was Givet not starting and Saha being a bit flat.

    Given, Vermo, Heitinga, Givet, Billy, Dunn, KPB, Cohen, Saha, RVP, Drogs

    Re Dunn, he appears to be the focal point of Blackburn's attacking play and he did well vs Arsenal despite his team getting tonked.

  29. Anonymous11:14 AM

    I see givet was dropped is it worth keeping him?

    I have drogs up front as well must have balls ;)

    not big bouncy bright red ones tho that might assist ;)


  30. Brandinho1:59 PM

    72.5 but I expected it to be like that. I held on to Torres and Rooney despite knowing that neither would play. We'll see if that turns out to be an error or a smart long-term play. Obviously, having a third of your budget tied up in guys who aren't going to play isn't going to lead to big returns in the short term.

  31. Anonymous2:20 PM

    92.5 points - decent, Bily was a great Friday pick up. Time to drop Tuncay I have him for 1. Probably.

  32. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Had the best week I had for a long time. Prince Bo, Bily whizz and Dunn. 125.5 points. Very sweet. 61st overall. Sting in the Tail.

  33. oh danny boy6:06 PM

    Did pretty good with 103.50. Defenders didn't help to much, and did a stupid last minute switch. Replaced Gordon for Robbo. Currently sitting 4th in my own private league and 18th in beat the bloggers 1

  34. kurniawan2:10 AM

    what the password of beat the bloggers 1??

  35. Thanks to your godawful TWA this week, I only got 62 pts and dropped from 3rd to 13th in BTB4... I think the length of the article correlates directly with my points total. And the fact that Rooney's performances are dwindling over time and the ManU fan in me keeps telling me having him at 16 is a bargain.