The Barn Door Live - Oct 17

Neal's Line-up: Given, Verm, SeaBass, Heitinga, Cesc, Bily, KPB, Kranj, Drogba, K2, Saha


  1. Anonymous11:15 PM

    drogba have the highest total points in fantasy..
    but why his price still around 15?
    he should be over rooney,lampard..haa?
    sum1 please explain this to me..

    -emma starr-

  2. Anonymous5:03 AM

    maybe bcos that his initial price was at 10, unlike rooney lampard gerrard who started the season at 18-20.....

    anyway, that's not important as majority of fantasy players is having drog in their lineup. in fact, 15 is still a good news for those who havnt get him yet

  3. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Please tell me why these guys quit their bloggings @yahoo and started this one instead?

  4. because we didn't quit, if you get me.

    as for drogs... my personal theory is that he's cheap-ish because he's been so consistent. A player priced at 6 who scores 20 one week will shoot up, but Drogs has been so consistently good that he's returns aren't out of his ordinary so there's no reason for the algorithm to bump up his price. if you get me. ;-)

  5. That algorithm needs some changes.

  6. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Sorry Jeremy but that analogy makes no sense to me. i.e. Torres started at 13 and shot up to 21, even though he had a couple of pointless games. Drogba has had 20's and even high 30's consistently and should be more expensive. I believe it is unfair to us who made the smart transfer that week, gives us no advantage over competition.

  7. Pornstar into fantasy footy eh?!

    - BD'd Dunn this morning and Rodallega.
    - Man U playing Liverpool next week. Tough match for both Torres and Rooney. Thinking RvP is a good choice to keep for now. (Benitez will feel the heat if they lose to Man U)

  8. richard_pitts4:22 AM

    Continuing the Droggers debate, mention should also be made of Darren Bent who is still 13 something despite scoring regularly and David Dunn who is a middie playing at striker and has a strike rate of 4 in the last 5. Dunn was one of the reasons I got 120 this week (went up 8,000 places).

    Owen I agree with you about Dunn. If you don't have Billy at present (i imagine you do)him too - I think he's gonna be a star. Cohen (Bolton) also seems to consistently outscore his value and is still cheap although lots of middies do that at present.

  9. i like dunn, but his next two fixtures are @chelsea and @man utd.