Injuries and Suspensions

The Injury Files: Friday October 23

Not too many explicit updates of note...

The big guys - Gerrard, Nando, Johnson, Rooney, and Fletcher - from the big game are still all facing the dreaded "late fitness tests".  Given the match-up and the doubt, that rules all of them out of my line-up for this weekend.  What does it mean? Berbs becomes more valuable...Owen becomes a possibility (although there's no guarantee he'll start over Giggs playing a deeper lying striker role with 4 midfielders behind him)...Evra IS healthy which means he'll play over Fabio who had a chance to be an interesting option this weekend.  Hard to pick any of Liverpool's reserve attackers given their quality, the quality of the opposition, and the uncertainty surrounding the starting line-up.

Elsewhere...EdS is available for Arsenal and there's a chance he'll slot into the spot Walcott's injury is opening up.  With Sicky and Bendtner no better than 50/50 to play, there aren't too many other choices unless Wenger is going to start Eboue or dip into his Carling Cup squad (Wilshere? Vela? Ramsey?).  What does that mean to me? Too much doubt to pull the trigger on any of the above...

At Chelsea, Bosingwa is confirmed out which means that Ivanovic is a strong bet to get a start either centrally or on the right.  He is available at a good price.

At Citeh, Robinho is still out increasing the chances that MPet will get another start (and he's been very good when he's played).  No word on K2 which is very odd because PhysioRoom (see the widget to the right) has him listed, like Bellamy and Toure as "Doubtful" - not sure what to make of this.  I saw someone on the TWA comments thread indicate that he should have been in the "Best of the Rest" category for the week - I'd tend to agree if I had a better sense of whether he was going to play.  Like Arsenal, this situation is a bit of a mess so unless you have strong convictions on a specific player (you're SURE he's going to play AND do well) then I'd stay away in favor of guys who are going to start.

Finally, the news that we all feared - while at no point do they actually say Bily WON'T play for Everton this weekend, they do call him "the latest casualty" of Everton's injury crisis.  Could just be me reading too much into word choice but that seems incredibly vague.  Also odd that between Football365 (thigh) and BBC (calf) they can't even agree on what's wrong with him.  In any event, the low-risk move is to change him out of your line-up.  That said, the injury certainly doesn't seem like a major one so if you have him for less than 5.00, you might want to suck up the 0 for this week and hope he comes back next week.  Sort of depends on your financial situation.

Finally, the virtually useless information that Jummy "might" get his first start.  Will he? Who knows.  If he does, I'd imagine he'll do well for fantasy managers.  That said, at his current price, he's definitely a risk of having another weekend like last weekend where he came on as a sub and did very little.  This also impacts the value of Geovanni and Hunt who will be more valuable if Jummy starts the match on the bench and JVoH who will probably be more valuable if Jummy starts.

Sorry not to be more helpful but the information available this weekend isn't the greatest or the most certain.  I guess maybe my best advice is to go with the guys from places like Villa who you know are going to start and have a good match-up.

Good luck with your final moves of the week and I'll see you on the Live Chat tomorrow if you can make it.

Cheers - Neal


  1. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Is anyone expecting Chucho to start for BCity?

  2. Excellent post Neal, loads of stuff I hadn't read about yet...but it's only confused my decision making :)

    Good luck to you & Jeremy this week!

  3. - I'm staying away from Jummy for now. I don't see him starting after THAT long of a layoff. Definately not playing a full 90, so give it a few weeks.
    - Looking at JVoH, cheap striker. playing Pompey. At home. That's a good mix of ingredients!
    - Ivanovic is a must. I'm convinced THIS is the week Bassong gets bumped. Woody and Dawson and back.
    - Defoe suspended for 3 games. Crouchy at 9 and change?
    - Not gonna gamble BIG money on Gerrard/Rooney and co.
    - I think last week of production from Hunt and Geovanni.
    - think I will stick with Bily at +5. it might only be a week he's out.
    - All those who had jumped on Tuncay for 1.00 finally jump ship? wow. That idea exploded in their face.

  4. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Why not too much mention on Chelsea players...they play Blackburn. I know they lost last week, but I think they're gonna come back from that defeat guns blazing at Stamford Bridge.

    Jeremy - What would you say to an all Chelsea team and which players do you think will play?

  5. No one mentioned Chelsea probably because they use a rotation system in the midfield. Ballack, Deco and Malouda look good for the price but they stand a solid chance of being rested too, especially coming off a midweek champions league match. If you have the money then it might not be a terrible week to try Lamps but he hasn't been playing directly behind the forwards lately.

  6. Anonymous6:45 PM

    K2 or Giggs?

  7. I'd pick K2 over Giggs. why?! Cause I DID!
    Liverpool at home. they will/HAVE TO scrap for a win.
    Sold : Dunn/HRod/RvP
    Bought: K2/Crouchy/Lamps.

    As much as I didn't like the new layout, I'm in love with making all these moves and clicking the undo button.

    Stayed with Sonko over Ivanovic. Hull playing Pompey at home. GREAT odds, and save 4 bucks.

  8. please help..should i swap boateng for cohen?
    and..will malouda be in the starting lineup?

  9. Anonymous12:27 AM

    Doyle is a great pick for Wolves, home to Villa...

  10. Anonymous12:31 AM

    Lamps and Drogs are the only sure bets from Chelsea...Deco and Ballack are good options but who knows if one of them sits in favor of Malouda...Keeping Cesc, Arshavin and Bily, all at substantial discounts while Alexander is listed as defender but plays middie and gets fwd, Vermaelen at huge discount and might as well take Sonko, decent matchup. Drogs at just over 10 up front with Crouch and gonna give Doyle a run at home to Villa...Lennon in mid as well...should be fun!

  11. Sonko I think might not start?! I don't follow Hull, but it looks like Gardner is back and could spell Sonko to the bench?! Well, it's only 3.23. I'll roll the dice with Sonko.

  12. Anonymous4:53 AM

    verma, heitinga, bassong
    giggs, lennon, m.taylor, billy
    drogba, adebayor, jan vennegoor

    wat do u reckon fellas? i really dnt feel it this week....

  13. Benj :D6:53 AM

    anelka a solid bet?

  14. Benj :D6:59 AM

    never mind, just remembered that kalou got 2 mid week so will probably share the 90, took lamps instead