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At the time of this writing, Soccernet still doesn't have all of the content entered into the link above (and they seem to be having a few issues with the graphics as well) but it is the best one-page consolidated review so I'm linking to it...

Here is my take on the fantasy impact of this week's injury news...

Wolves v. Pompey - With Segundo Castillo out it looks like Kightly will indeed start this weekend, great option for fantasy managers given the opposition.  Not much else to add to what I posted in TWA about Kightly and Doyle.  No significant news from Pompey.

Burnley v. Brum - The big news here is that Benitez will be in Ecuador on compassionate leave to visit his father who was in a car accident.  Definitely a bummer for both the Benitez family and fantasy managers alike - we wish the senior Mr. Benitez a speedy recovery.  As for this match, we expect it to be an ugly slug-fest between two defensive-minded clubs so expect lots of cards and not so many fantasy points.

Hull v. Wigan - Three matches reviewed and each of them potentially ugly. At least both teams here are pretty much entirely healthy - so much so that there's even news that Jummy might start playing again soon.  The big question for fantasy managers is what Jordi Gomez's fate will be.  He was on the bench against Chelsea and Wigan won, not good news if you were hoping he'd make a quick return to the starting XI.

Bolton v. Spurs - Elmander is definitely out and Defoe is extremely doubtful.  I'm pretty sure the first part of that sentence is irrelevant to fantasy managers but the second part could be very relevant.  Crouch is really the only other healthy starter (PVC is struggling with an injury as well) so he should cross your mind as a serious option.

ManYoo v. Sunderland - Foster is back, Owen is out (shocking, I know).  Foster should be high on your list of goalkeeping options this week but otherwise, not much of note here since SAF didn't reveal anything about his midfielder rotation policy and how it will impact this weekend (will he continue to tempt fate and start Giggs regularly? Which of his other mediocre midfielders - Scholes, Park, Valencia, Nani, Carrick, Anderson - will join Fletcher who should be starting each week?  No major news of fantasy import from the Sunderland side unless you're considering Lee Catermole - if you are, I don't think I can help you.

Arsenal v. Rovers - Walcott and Bendtner are back while EdS will not make the 18.  Not sure what that means for the starting XI other than that EdS won't be in it.  If I had to guess I'd assume Arshavin, RvP, and Bendtner will start with Theo replacing Bendtner at about the 65 minute mark.  Oddly, Almunia continues to be "hurt" - I assume all Arsenal supporters are hoping that his "injury" lasts all season with the way that Mannone has been playing (you know, actually stopping shots and stuff).  Good news for those who got on that bandwagon before the price went up.  Arsenal attackers could be even more valuable on the news that Ryan Nelsen and Chris Samba have fitness concerns with their backs.  Either they will pass their fitness tests and be at something less than 100% or they will make way for reserves who will have a hard time keeping up with the Arsenal attack - just saying.

Everton v. Stoke - Followers of the blog will chuckle (or cry) at the news that Tuncay "could make his first start of the season" but really? do you believe it will happen.  If anyone has stuck with him at 1.00, I hope it happens for you but I'm not holding my breath.  In other news, Yobo is a question mark but no word on which two of Bily/Pienaar/Osman will start on the wings.

West Ham v. Fulham - In the battle of the frequently-injured Duffman is out for Fulham while Upson is back for WHU.  Not too much else to report really.

Chelsea v. Liverpool - No definitive statement on which of Hilario or Turnbull will replace Cech in net (not sure you'd want either one with Liverpool as the opposition).  Ballack should be back in contention after returning from his never-reported calf issue from last weekend that sent a bunch of fantasy managers over the edge.  Masch back for Liverpool but otherwise, you should expect the usual suspects from Rafa.

Villa v. Citeh - The return of K2 is really the only significant news here unless you think Sidwell is somehow relevant and if the latter is the case, well, like I said above, I'm not sure I can help you.  On K2, will be interesting to see if he has retained his form while sitting on the bench, he was always one to ebb and flow for little apparent reason.  No news on Robinho so I am assuming that MPet will get the start again which could be a good thing to get in on. 

Good luck with your selections and I'll look forward to seeing you on the Live Chat tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Thank you for the great work in this blog. Which combination would you go with: Saha/Lennon or Rooney/Kightly?

  2. Anonymous11:51 AM

    any sense in holding onto bent at 9? plenty to spend on upgrading (maybe replace him with rooney or rvp). still... i don't trust any of the pricey midfielders outside of gerrard and he doesn't have a great match-up this week

  3. I'm on Rooney/Kightly. Take that as you will.

    As for DBent... Vidic has a terrible time with quick strikers. Just saying.

  4. Anonymous12:31 PM

    I think I made a huge mistake, and I mean huge. How the hell does Tony Pulis just make a comment that Tuncay will be a key player for them...God I hope he doesn't use him tomorrow, because I just got rid of him last night...I lost hope. AHHH! Oh well, good luck to people who had the patience to stick with him. Although I feel fairly happy with my team selection...


    I'm still not quite about Tevez, but I don't like last minute transfers so I'll stick with him...I feel Friday changes are desperate. I accept comments please.

  5. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Hi guys!
    I highly appreciate what you are doing for all of us the fantasy freaks :) What do you think of Rositzky/Hunt or Lennon/Rodwell?

    Now I have:

    Vermalen/Distin/G. Alexander
    Benayoun/Rositzky/S. Hunt/M. Brown

    Any advise?

  6. Anonymous1:56 PM


    shipped out gerrard gut feeling.dropped crouch,i can only hope my brothers crystal ball is broke this week

  7. Is Geovanni home to Wigan a terrible idea?

  8. The Greek3:06 PM

    @Benj Personally i find it a very good idea.

  9. I'm not playing FPL on Yahoo, but on That said, I'd still appreciate some feedback!

    G_Johnson,Vermaelen,Bassong,Distin / J_Collins
    Gerrard,Lampard,Fabregas,Lennon / Gomez
    Drogba,Rooney / Keogh

    That's what I have to work with but I'm not settled on my formation. I was thinking maybe 3-4-3, benching G_Johnson for a week and putting Keogh on the field.

    What do you reckon?

  10. Anonymous4:30 PM

    vermaelan, alexander, mancienne,
    fellaini, fletcher, kightly, ardshavin.
    drogba, rooney, bent.
    thats my team i have mannone vermaelan drgba rooney and bent at cheap prices so dont want to get rid of them but anyone got any pointers??

  11. Anonymous5:01 PM

    I thing you should change bent for Berbatov - I have a feeling he will learn much more points!

  12. Anonymous5:22 PM

    but i have bent at 10! id have to shuffle mine team 4 berba and i already have rooney!!?

  13. Currently have
    good discounts on the entire back line plus Drogs, Rooney, and JRod
    Am very happy with defenders and forwards. Not to sure about the midfield. Really wanted to pick up Kightly but am a nickel (!) short so I went with Bily. I read on the yahoo blog that Peinnar was out so figured he could get the start but Jeremy didn't mention it so now I am not sure. Anyone else hear anything? Hope to Barn Door Torres but not sure who I will drop from the midfield. Most Likely Bily for Mokes will get me from RvP to Torres

  14. Alright, alright... enough of caterwaulin' about the Black Cats Lee Cattermole. We likes us some Cattermole. Black Cats fans aren't the only one who likes him...

    "Barcelona see Sunderland's Cattermole as African cover
    01.10.09 |
    READ MORE NEWS ON: Barcelona, Sunderland

    Sunderland midfielder Lee Cattermole is a shock January target for Barcelona.

    Barca coach Pep Guardiola is desperate to land a new midfield signing in January to cover the losses of Yaya Toure and Seydou Keita to the African Nations Cup.

    Cattermole has emerged as a likely target, with Barca management convinced they can land the England U21 international for £6 million in the New Year."

    So there.

  15. Just swapped in Danny Murphy.... in what should be a scrappy affair between fulham and the hammers, I fancy him to win the match on a pk.

    very sad not to be able to take part in tomorrow's chat (especially since my spurs are in HD on espn2)... god damn 12:00pm college football (even though my terps are AWFUL) means 8:00am kegs and eggs tailgates.... enjoy the chat everyone and if you're bold take a punt on Three Meter Peter Crouch

  16. i know shayan,
    i am not going to be on the chat any saturday from now on. i am teaching english to the natives, down here, in brasil on saturday afternoons. i don't know why it couldn't be sunday's!
    so watch my team plummet. i am 16th now. i am going to have to pick season keepers, so my strategy will change!

  17. Dropping YOSSI - had him at a deep disc. prior to his "hat trick", tough match up and may not start. Any comparable replacements?

  18. @Shayan @Greginho... enjoy your weekends. I'll be on the chat, but from my desk. Deadline still looming so another week of being in the shit.

    I have to say that I love the comments/community aspect of the blog. Great to hear from all of you in College Park, Rio, Cairo, London, etc. Please keep commenting and sharing as it's the best part of the "job".

  19. Anonymous1:07 AM

    Jeremy, whose in your line up for this week?


  20. Anonymous1:12 AM


    im worry if RvP did not play this week..whats your opinion Jeremy?

    -Joe Labu-

  21. Trying to make a last second choice between Arshavin / Sonko and Lennon / Graham Alexander. Thoughts?

  22. - HAD Jordi aswell, but dropped him for Kightly. I really don't think Wigan will tinker much with the lineup that beat Chelsea. (Though consolation, Martinez DID hand-pick him in the transfer window, so he's gotta be considered a 'teacher's pet')

  23. Anonymous3:49 AM

    hi i had 9 something to spend for my teams. neither: cohen? hunt? jarvis? nani? fellani? rosicky? ballack?
    pls help..

  24. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Jeremy -

    The Cover it Live does not seem to be working!!