Robinho is ten days away from Manchester City return

via Yahoo!Sports:
Manchester City manager Mark Hughes has revealed that Robinho could be ready to make a return to first-team action in ten days time.

A stress fracture of the ankle has kept the Brazilian forward out of action since City's game with Portsmouth at the end of the August, but Hughes is hopeful that he could return against Scunthorpe United in the League Cup.

"'Robi' is not far away, he's probably got about ten more days and then he can be back in the group," Hughes told City's official website.

"He's working every day, we're trying to get him back as soon as we can but with a bone injury there is a certain length of time to give the injury."

Hughes also had good news regarding Michael Johnson and Roque Santa Cruz, who have both made returns from long-term injuries in recent weeks.

He added: "They are both back in the fold, but they still need games and we are looking to get some more match-play into them, if we can, in between being involved at first-team level.


  1. LETS GO PHILLIES!!! DId anyone see it last night..What a game! I can't believe I'm saying this but as an Englishman 'living the dream' I think Baseball could be my new cricket!

  2. I can't get excited about this. Robinho was just too hit or miss last season. I don't want to invest in a guy who may or may not even want to play that night.

  3. 1. GREAT finish to the Phillies/Rockies game. Poor fans.
    2. Logic on Robinho: Most expensive Premiership player. However, City overpaid for him. AND Bellamy is looking too good to bench!! Adebayor scores goals. PLain and simple. and RSC just came back aswell, (a Hughes favorite from Blackburn days...) so I'm not gonna attempt to put Robinho on MY team.

  4. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Wow - Charlie Davis from USA national team in a serious car crash. My sympathies to a great player in the making...sure would've hoped he played against Costa Rica tomorrow, even though they're already qualified as it would help Honduras out. Last Friday I wrote on this blog that I was in Honduras to watch the USA game. Good call Jeremy, you were in the RFK Stadium when they USA lost 3-2...payback must be sweet. I'm going all the way with USA tomorrow. Good luck team and good work again Jeremy and Neal.


  5. picking fowards that are going to play is getting tough, wish I could go 3-6-1. By the way, hell with the Phillies. "LETS GO YANKS".