Dude, Where are my points?

If there's one question I don't miss from the Yahoo! gig it's, "Where are the points?" We'll leave that to the Fantasist. But without knowing a definite number, how did you do? I had a much better day today, getting goals from RVP and Diamanti to add to Saturday's Drogba strike and Sonko's clean sheet.  It remains to be seen how Given holds up having allowed two goals and unless my midfielders earned any phantom points that was a total lost cause.  Grrrr!  But overall, a VERY depressing weekend.  You?


  1. I am expecting a pretty horrible week.
    Dropped RVP and Saha for Bend and Carew (WHY)
    Dropped SeaBass for Ivanovic (better move)
    and since I had to work all weekend I am uncertain as to how good my midfield of Bily (DNP), KPB, Giggs, and Milner did.

  2. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Yes. A very depressing week with only Drogba scoring and all the rest not even a shot on target for Geovanni, O'Hara, Fabregas,Tevez and with Shay Given getting a draw with 2 goals conceaded.
    Most probably Given will be only 1-2 points if there are no fouls points.

    Better luck next week a double week for Villa and Hammers.

    Btw, Sonko is not playing in the game...

  3. Anonymous10:05 PM

    i also have horrible week..arghh..
    Bily dont play, Heitinga and Jensen injured in the middle of the game, Alexander didnt get CS..
    Geovanni n KPB with no-goal-game..

    I think i only get 40-50 points this week..urgh

    -nina hartley-


  5. Anonymous10:16 PM

    sonk didn't even make the bench

  6. Macgill10:41 PM

    I dropped rodallega and gabby on Friday.. Needless to say, my weekend didn't get better from there..

  7. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Started great across the front with Drogs, Gabby and RvP. It got worse after that, unless there were some SOTs and other phantoms to bail me out. It's not like a bunch of strangers were scoring.... just strangers to my team.

  8. Awful, awful week. I stupidly rolled the dice with Jummy. DNP. Kept Bily at the 4.77 discount. DNP. Kept Dunn at the 8.80 price tag knowing he had a tough matchup. DNP. Picked up Ashley Cole because of the nice matchup. DNP. Four did not plays are killing me. Only van Persie helped me out.

  9. Anonymous10:49 PM

    I like the "official" fantasy game, where a player gets an assist if he draws a penalty that his teammate converts. Thinking about Drogba and CCole here. Needing more points here. Oh, and they also have this odd habit of updating the scores within an hour of game-end.

  10. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Guy told the Fantasist that Blackburn are looking for their points too.

  11. Pretty awful week really, 1/4 clean sheet, Gordon/Verm/Bridge/Ivanovic, Hunt+O'hara+Milner+Lampard midfield, i love you Frank. Drogs, K2 and Fletcher of Burnley upfront, hmmmm.

  12. Bradley11:17 PM

    Abysmal. Really my only points'll come from Drogba, Given, and Crouch. Although for a time I considered Rodallega, for the most part nearly everyone I had and nearly everyone I considered performed poorly. Of course, having players I'd rejected rack up points would've been painful. On the other hand, I spent hours researching and pondering options, and as it turns out, none of it mattered. Frustrating in its own way. I wish the points would come in just so I could get it over with and move on to Week 10.

  13. No points I'm in "BD HEAVEN", also in Baseball heaven, Yanks have a 3run lead, top of the 9th, and Mariano on the mound. It's over.


  14. looks like a lousy week for me, too. should have gone with lamps instead of nelky... and half my midfield didn't even play. holding onto dunn was dumb, dumb, dumb. at least i have reason to think that bily will be a good long-term investment.

  15. Anonymous2:45 AM

    where my point?? Nice i drop Feb for Lamp


  16. Anonymous4:11 AM

    Ha, your physio room bar say's PP Neville for Everton. Couldn't have put it better myself. My strikers did a job for me but I'm not expecting much from the rest:
    Verm, Heit, Collins
    Dunn, Bily, KPB, Geovanni
    Drogs, RVP, Rodallega

  17. Anonymous5:30 AM

    C. Cole or Diamanti for the double gamer, will Diamanti be on the bench again, in fact, wjy was he benched in the first place? Answers please before yahoo find the barn dorr which has disqapeared over the hills and attach it to the barn again!

  18. Given
    Verm, Heit, Bassong
    Reid, Bily, KPB, Fabregas
    Drogs, RVP, Crouch

    I didnt do well at all. And not having the points in caused me to do crazy things I swapped Boateng for o'hara, reid for milner, bassong for sonko, crouch for diamanti sold rvp and bought him back after a goal and assist. Now I wish I had kept KPB the rest I dont regret.

  19. Anonymous6:17 AM

    re Diamanti, I watched the highlights of that game, diamanti looked unbelievable, as in if I had gone colour blind I would have guessed WH were arsenal, some of the passes he was pulling off...I havent watched him before, so maybe he just had a good game, but he looks like a real talent. I would be jaw droppingly surprised if he doesnt start next week. Then again Tuncay was linked with chelsea and spurs...and now cant get a start for stoke. So who knows...One thing to note on WH is that they wont have parker for a game so that might reduce Noble's points, dont know

  20. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Ohm here are the points....preferred it when I could be optimistic about some phantom points (which have remained in the spirit realm or wherever they come from).

  21. Well I did surprisingly well in the end after what looked like a bad day, until Lamps did the biz. Finished up with 110 points which I am delighted with. And my huge dilemma of dropping Bily worked out as he didnt play and I would have only got rid of him for the double weekers this week. So all good in the hood at the mo..I must say I am a little worried about week 11 seeming as I will have no discounts on anyone after gutting my team, but oh well, I've done it many times before without too much hassle!

    I had to go on the Yahoo blog (for the first time in a long time) - just to post a couple of "where's my points" for nostalgic purposes!

    Bring on Wednesday - Battle of the best pitchers in the game - Cliff Lee vs CC Sabathia..it's going to be unbe-lee-vable! Go Phils!

  22. Chris O.11:17 AM

    105! Drogba Lampard and Rodellega really came through. Dunne was surprisingly too. Everyone else, eh, sorta sucked, but who cares, 105 is good!

  23. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Rooney is (a) home to BLA, (b) upset after losing to LIV, and (c) 17.65. Compared to HotRod at 14.43? I'll bet Wayne gets at least the extra SOT to justify the price.

    Love the comment about BLA calling Yahoo to ask where their points are.

  24. Anonymous1:55 PM

    I have my 3 forwards for the next games already and I know lots of people will probably have the same front lineup with Drogba, Rooney, and Diamanti. I'm not investing in too many players from the double week. Only players that look good are Milner, Diamanti, and Villa keeper. Aside from that I think I'll be better off investing on other good matchups.

  25. 98.5, and Lamps totally saved my bacon. A really dumb Friday trade of Crouch for Milner (on the grounds that Crouch wouldn't perform too well amidst the trees that Stoke run out there and that Milner seemed due and had a good matchup) kept it from being an amazing week.

  26. Anonymous @12:31

    I like Wayne as well, but when looking at the stats HRod beats Rooney at almost every column (cept for goals where WR has 6 and HRod has 5).

    I think HRod is a good pick (not saying for the coming week, but in general).

  27. So Dunn was out due to swine flu. Excellent.

  28. Anonymous10:09 PM

    @DREN - Rooney has played one game fewer than HRod and has a slightly higher average, but Rod's goals are more likely to be game-winning. Call them even -- so what's the opposition look like?

    BLA are on the road, their defense is having a bad month, and now their players are sick (insert your own joke here). POR are at home, generally concede only 1 or 2 goals, but now O'Hara and KPB are questionable.

    So which frat boy scores more with his drunken date?

  29. What news do you see on O'Hara and KPB? I only see that they're cup-tied for the midweek game.

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