Blog Roundtable

Because you haven't demanded it, the return of your least favorite blog feature.

[12:57] JSpitzberg: ok...
[12:58] JSpitzberg: kpb/sonko --> sidwell/mears
[12:58] Neal J Thurman: who does Mears have this week?
[12:59] JSpitzberg: home to hull
[12:59] Neal J Thurman: seems reasonable
[13:00] Neal J Thurman: although Sidwell got killed in F365's winners and losers feature for just not being very good for pretty much the entire duration of his post-Reading career which makes it hard to pull the trigger on that today
[13:01] JSpitzberg: ha
[13:01] JSpitzberg: that's what made me look at him
[13:01] Neal J Thurman: the reverse Sports Illustrated/Madden Jinx?
[13:01] JSpitzberg: buy low
[13:01] Neal J Thurman: if those guys tend to start underperforming as they regress to the mean, then Sidwell should be better as he progresses back toward the mean?
[13:02] JSpitzberg: sonko @ 3 something....
[13:02] JSpitzberg: hate that
[13:03] JSpitzberg: enablers should be a buck
[13:03] JSpitzberg: hate a midfield enabler too
[13:03] JSpitzberg: but at 2 per match...
[13:03] JSpitzberg: that's 4 v. sonko's 0
[13:03] JSpitzberg: assuming you don't bring him back having kept a cleanie
[13:03] JSpitzberg: then i like mear's matchup and return
[13:03] JSpitzberg: i dunno
[13:04] JSpitzberg: don't like anything about this
[13:05] Neal J Thurman: I'm hoping to just write this weekend off as picking around the points (DBent over Saha, Cesc over MPet, took risk on Bily, etc) and try not to stress about it
[13:05] Neal J Thurman: Milner looked a good bet but did f*ck-all
[13:06] JSpitzberg: yup
[13:06] JSpitzberg: but gotta ride him through the 2 games
[13:06] Neal J Thurman: yup
[13:07] JSpitzberg: then maybe he becomes bily?
[13:07] JSpitzberg: so sidwell becomes someone decent...
[13:07] JSpitzberg: well 1/2 decent... as well
[13:07] Neal J Thurman: will have to see what the prognosis for Bily is (between health and Pienaar coming back)
[13:08] JSpitzberg: and osman being out
[13:08] Neal J Thurman: right
[13:09] Neal J Thurman: Everton a bit of a mess really
[13:09] JSpitzberg: and of course saha scores
[13:09] JSpitzberg: after we all loaded him up and then bailed
[13:10] Neal J Thurman: yup
[13:11] JSpitzberg: collison interesting
[13:11] JSpitzberg: but that might mean gutting kranc instead of kpb
[13:11] JSpitzberg: and i'm 1 for 1 betting against Ars ;-)
[13:13] Neal J Thurman: guys who take kicks always seem to be a good bet against ARS - lots of bad penalties and scrambles at the back that lead to corners
[13:13] Neal J Thurman: penalties = fouls
[13:13] JSpitzberg: some of both
[13:13] Neal J Thurman: but the occasional penalty too
[13:20] JSpitzberg: kightly off the schnide...
[13:20] JSpitzberg: into the black for the year ;-)
[13:21] JSpitzberg: @stoke (wouldn't have him this week anyway)...
[13:21] JSpitzberg: ars (taking kicks against)....
[13:21] JSpitzberg: @che (ouch)
[13:21] JSpitzberg: brm, bol, @spurs, @man, burn, @liv, mac
[13:22] JSpitzberg: *sigh*
[13:28] Neal J Thurman: gonna be tough to pick him - especially now that he's shown that he's a big YC guy
[13:29] JSpitzberg: but for the cost...
[13:29] JSpitzberg: gonna be hard to stay away :-(
[13:29] Neal J Thurman: true


  1. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Should I bet Sonko with Milner, or Heitinga with Rosicky (or Hunt)?

  2. Is Sonko gonna even play?! He didn't even make the bench last game. Didn't read anything about an injury either. Expensive enabler at 3 and change.

  3. @Owen_Williams... that was my point about Sonko. I hope it came across in the "discussion".

    @Anon... 'Sicky is hurt again and Hunt has disappeared since the opening weeks of the season. I like Heitinga (have him on my team) but I think Milner is your best bet amongst the four so you go with that.

  4. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Jeremy -
    What do you think about Scholes @3.84, home to dreadfully ill Blackburn. Don't know if he'll play but is it worth a gamble? I definitely like his odds of scoring, takes lots of shots outside the area...

  5. hum... it's interesting that Scholes price... but I have the same doubt (will he be in the pitch?)... what do you think NEAL/JER?

  6. Anonymous3:37 PM

    I believe that scholes 'Is dead' to one or both of Neal and Jeremy...due to the fact that he only gets points if he scores....which he doesnt do that often. Hes usually good for a card aswell....hence the price.

  7. Scholes is dead to us for fantasy.

    That being said... it is interesting, isn't it?

  8. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Wow, didn't know Scholes was so unpopular. I currently have:

    Giggs/Milner/Noble/Scholes (not a starter)
    Thinking of switching from Jensen to Gordon since he may still be injured, but I don't know...what to do, what to do. Jeremy & Neal, any suggestions. I don't like the fact that I'm relying on 3 West Ham players due to double may backfire.

  9. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Scholes dead this weekend?! Did you SEE Blackburn?! A ManU benchwarmer will likely score points this weekend.

  10. Scholes has 1 SOT, 1 assist, 11 fouls commited, 3 yellows and 1 red... There's a reason he is only 3.84. I guess it won't take much for him to return his value, but there's a very good chance he could go negative or not play. He's averaging 0.29 a game! even the Mok beats that with 0.95 average.

  11. Anonymous7:57 PM

    nani or giggs will play???

  12. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Anyone have thoughts on Jordi Gomez for the weekend, he's playing Portsmouth...has 9 SOT's, hasn't scored a goal yet but I think he's overdue. Question is, will he play from the beginning?

  13. I loaded up on double gamers, including Friedel in goal, mostly going with Villa players.
    Friedel, Collins, Milner, SPet, Gabby, and Diamanti from West Ham as he is the flavor of the week. Hope it doesn't bite me in the a$$ as I leave to go out of town in the morning and won't be back until Monday.